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New foster!!

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I took on a 17 going on 18 year old today called Zia, we dont think she will find another home though, so is a long term foster - she seems in good health, so hopefully will have a long time with me. She came into rescue in May, with her friend, as her owner was poorly and couldn't look after them. I wanted to help back then, but couldnt take on another 2, and then her friend died suddenly in the rescue, and I was determined to help as soon as I could, I didnt' want her to die in rescue too. When Lucy was rehomed last month, I rang and asked if I could foster her (was a rescue I fundraised for, rather than the usual one I foster for), and they said yes, so I got back on Wed, and picked her up today!! She is lovely, and I dont normally like torties, very friendly and affectionate, and likes to touch you if you ignore her for too long!!She will be integrated into the house and I am sure she will love having a home life again. She is the first oldie since Tiger last August, it is unusual for me to have gone so long without an oldie.

IF you include the 2 that have come for a few days until people could pick them up, she is foster no 40 - my aim was 30 by the end of June, need a new target now, was only doing it in 10's!! And no 13 this year, I wanted more than the 6 I had last year!!

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What a wonderful thing for you to do.
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Thanks, I hope she enjoys her time here, and has a decent amount of it, I hate it when oldies end up in rescue - have 2 14yo's here as well (ex-fosters!!).
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It is wonderful that you are going to take care of her, she is a beautiful old girl,
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Wow! She is most definately an older gal, & beyond lucky to have landed at your place!
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Thanks guys, she isnt the happiest in the bathroom, she wants to be with people all the time, so whether she will get her full 2 weeks isolation is debatable at the moment. When she came into care, they were told she had liver problems, but I have just read some of the symptoms, and I doubt she has, she certainly doesnt' have any weight loss, will ask if she has had any sickness or diarrhea, but if not, and she has no jaundice, I think we can safely say her liver is fine.
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She's a very lucky and beautiful girl. She's got really unusual markings, even for a tortie!
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Thanks - her facial markings remind me of PEbbles (who you can see in my siggy), and as you say, unusual for a tortie. Her back is brindled.
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Have created a little monster - despite being on dry food only for months, I gave her some wet for her first proper meal (had already left a small amount of dry down when she arrived which she ate willingly), and she has been picking at her dry ever since!! Am making her have dry only this morning, but have mixed some of Tigers JWB in with it, cos hte poor thing has had the same flavour dry food for months, and she ate more of that than she had done her normal food!!
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She's a beautiful girl. I hope you have lots of time with her.
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Thanks Eileen, I hope so too. I decided to be soft last night, and let her start integrating - decided that between the fact she is highly likely to live her life out here, and the fact she has already been in a rescue since May, she deserves to be truly in a home environment, rather than isolated. She had an hour and a half out last night, and was content to just sit on the arm of the sofa next to me, and keep touching me. Tiger has been fine with her, they just spent some time looking at each other, so that is a bonus, just got to see Molly's reaction now!!
post #12 of 26 wonderful. It brings a tear to my eye and such a smile to my face to know she's found a good home to live out her days. May you have many years of together.
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It did to me the other day when I let her out of the bathroom and she was content to just sit on the stairs (the poor love hasn't had carpet around her for months!!). PArt of me wants to find her a good home to prove I can at her age, but part of me thinks that at her age, the last thing she needs is more upheaval, and I am at least her 4th home, and the 3rd placement this year. She is quite content to just sit near me on the arm of the sofa in the evenings, so her integration should be fairly quick. I hope Molly likes her, or bedtime will be fun if both cats want to be near me!!
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she is so pretty!! looks great for her age good luck with her
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Well, she has been here two weeks now, and had to have her integration quickened due to Rolo's appearance, which she isn't 100% happy with, as although she has a nice cat bed on the landing, as well as full run of the house, she has lost her bed in front of the radiator!! She is very picky with her food, she asks for wet food more than dry, but then just nibbles at it, bless her. She has found the bed now though, Molly just about allows her on it!! I wrote a lovely piece for the rescue's rehomign page, just been on to check if they have used it, and found this instead!!

This is the only other pic I have of her on my home pc

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Zia must have told them that her decision has been made!

She is absolutely lovely, but you know i'm biased

How is Miss Molly taking to her?
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Must have done!!

She is, I love her despite her being a tortie (althoguh if I had to pick one of the fosters to keep, it wouldnt be her!!).

Miss Molly is debatable, she sometimes lets her on, and sometimes doesnt - Rosie has just tried to get on the bed while I was typing, Molly didnt' like that, so we have just had a chat, although I am not sure I won!!
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Well, she has been here a month now, and is really settling and coming out of her shell, she loves to come and sit on the sofa with me in the evening now (which has upset Bella a bit as she likes to do the same!!), and last night was playing with Da Bird, then with a ball of her own accord, it is lovely to see a 17yo playing!! Apart from not being allowed in the bathroom anymore (so she camps out in front of the door and I nearly stand on her a few times a day!!), she seems very happy, we even had belly rubs last night, till she had enough and nibbled my fingers!! Did take a couple of pics this weekend, will try and get them on this week.
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Some new pics of her - she loves to play with Da Bird, and once she has had enough of that, she loves to sit on the sofa with me, and she did sleep on my bed for part of the night - Molly occasionally tolerates that!!

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She's adorable, I hope she has many more years ahead of her
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She is, but managed to escape out of my house yesterday and caused panic - that was after making me run round hte front room to bring her up so she wasn't so close to the open door!! 17yo's shouldn't be so sprightly at 7.20am!! She seems to have started camping out in my bedroom now, she has found she can sleep near part of the rad, and spent most of the night on the bed - like Molly, she likes being under the duvet!!
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Couple more photos - I asked the rescue for permissio to let her out after 5 weeks rahter than 6, and now she isn't bothered!! mind you, it was cold yesterday, and cold and wet today, so maybe she has sense!! The second pic is going to the rescue she came from yesterday, I tell them my cats are spoilt, they will certainly believe it after seeing that!!

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Well, I think I have been down to 1 cat for long enough now, so am going to start saving up for adoption fee, bloods, booster and chip for Zia, then formally adopt her, I would prefer to see if there are any oldies in other rescues, but that wouldnt be fair on the rescue paying for her, and I might then have issues with bringing another cat into the mix, especially while Rolo is still here. She isnt the kind of cat I would choose to own though, but she is here long term regardless, so might as well save the rescue money, which they can use for other cats.
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What a cutie she is! And good for you for helping these wonderful creatures!
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my newest addition was lucky enough to have been placed with a foster carer rather than put into a cattery. it is a wonderful thing that you do.
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Aww, thanks.
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