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my girl boots has hurt her head she has a cut on it dont know how she done it but it was oozing with brown and green stuff i cleaned it up and it looks like it is healing but today her behaviour is all over place she is hiding in corners when she is usually out and about also her nose was sore i think shes been in a fight but her mouth keeps opening and closing like she is twitching i am worried sick and my vets aint open till monday and i may not even get an appointment then was wondering if any one knew what may be causing this and if it is serious that i should seek emergency help im so scared shes my baby x
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it's obviously infected... if it seems to be healing that might make me worry a little more as it can heal on the outside and continue to fester under the skin.
kitty needs antibiotics... does kitty have a fever? a normal temp for a cat is 100-102 degrees. (use a rectal thermometer unless you have an ear one for kitties)

I would take her to a vet asap. If your vet isn't open maybe you can see another one? do you have a pet emergency hosp. in your area?

I would say time is of the essence, infections can get out of hand quickly
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in scotland we dont have one which is very worrying we can call them out of hours if in emergency but i dont know if this is or if it will be ok to wait until monday i hate wasting peoples time but i also dont want to put boots in any danger she is totally out of sorts
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Poor Boots - I hope she's ok.

I think you should definitely give the emergency vet a ring. If you ring your normal vet you'll get through to whoever is providing the out of hours cover. The vet can then advise you whether Boots needs to be seen asap or can wait until Monday.
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just called they said they think it is a burst abcess poor baby and she needs anti biotics but i have no way of getting her down tonight they said she will be ok untill tommorrow but i hate seeing her in pain my poor baby thank you for the advice xx
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I hope Boots is ok.
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poor baby...

keep us posted on how boots is feeling...
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How is Boots today?
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I agree. It sounds like there is an infection going on. A vet visit is in order. An emergency vet would be best but I don't know what you have available in Scotland. Otherwise, call first thing in the AM! I hope Boots gets better quickly!
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