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Burned alive, barely 12 weeks old! *graphic*

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Lady brings in a kitten, they had lit a bonfire Thurs & this kitten crawled out....badly burned. They brought him/her decided to call the vet, of course he isn't in. (Yes, they waited days ) So, they called the Humane Society(us). I see the kitten, snap it up & rush it to the vet tech. She gives him/her pain meds, fluids, & the vet stops in later. Of course, I was bawling.

Vet stops by the shelter later, s/he'll loose one leg for sure, probably several, face is burned & swollen badly. Ears will have to come off. She's got a hole in her head.

Baby never got a chance at life, & I cannot imagine how much pain you suffered these past few days. P & Dr. K took care of you....they made your end pain-free. I love you.

I was so sick to my stomach, I had to stop at a gas station to vomit. My car smells of burnt flesh. I can't imagine, ever, how much pain such a baby went through. Or why s/he deserved this.

This is hopefully the end to a horrible week, & monday starts the next horrible week.
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Oh dear God how horrible Nat i'm so sorry you've had an awful week

Play happily at the bridge baby, your not suffering now

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Oh that poor little sweet baby. Nat I'm sorry you had to witness such an horrific sight.
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Oh my Lord!! How could people be so stupid!! Run and play without pain over the bridge little angel.
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OMG Natalie- how awful

RIP sweet one
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Poor baby! And I hope they get the owners for animal cruelty for waiting so long to seek care.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
Poor baby! And I hope they get the owners for animal cruelty for waiting so long to seek care.
No one "owned" the kitty. It was a stray....probably looking for someplace warm to sleep for the night. Nothing will happen to anyone about his/her death. I won't let it go unnoticed....I can never let them leave without anyone caring.
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Oh my God, that is horrible! How could anyone let that happen and then wait DAYS to take the cat to a vet? I'm very sorry you witnessed that. It's understandable how upset and sick you are about it all. Thanks for trying to help this poor little kitten.
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That is just awful! The poor sweet little angel! I hope those people suffer a fate just as horrible for making an animal in pain wait DAYS before even taking it in.
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Oh no! That poor baby! Such a horrible thing to happen. It shouldn't matter if they did not own the cat, they knew how badly injured the baby was and did nothing for days! They should still be charged with neglect & cruelty IMO.

RIP sweet angel
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Thats so sad!! I didnt see a pic, but I dont think I would want to!!

RIP you sweet kitty...
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that poor baby....
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Poor, poor Baby Cat! That is just so, so awful of a fate....You showed such courage, Natalie, in your efforts to get her help. I pray that you are able to get over the horrific memories soon and may you be blessed many times over in your efforts to help those other sad kitties.
As for Baby Cat, she is pain-free now and playing among the baby angels who also suffered similar tragic fates. Rest in Peace, Little One.
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so very sad, rest in peace little one.
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Oh that poor sweet angel. I can't even imagine how awful that was for the little kitten. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I honestly don't think I could do what you do. It must be so difficult. Thank you for being so strong to be there for these little animals in need.

Many prayers to you little kitten, play with the angels.
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Oh Jesus Christ, that poor little thing..... sending lots of warm love vibes to you and the kitty

That just made me tear right up it's so unfair.
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I didn't want to read this thread and I wish to God I hadn't. That poor little baby, what hell he/she must have gone through. God bless you for trying to help. RIP sweet little baby cat. May you be happy and free of pain, resting in God's loving arms
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Awww that is so cruel. I hope the same thing happens to them and they can't get to the doctors for days or even contact the doctor and they all die in the same pain as the kitten must have been in.

RIP baby
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Oh my, how horrifying May that little angel rest in peace
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