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Is this unrealistic?

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I've put off adopting a 4th kitty because I know this will happen. One day I will come home from work and one will be standing in front of my door. It will then come in, find the kitty tree, give it a good scratch, pee in the litter box, and curl up and fall asleep.

I will then go out to the grocery store, buy more food, and give it a name.

I KNOW this will happen, and I'm trying to steady myself for it. I just hope it doesn't happen too soon.
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well, I don't know if it will be standing directly in fron of your door, Heather but kitties do have a way of finding us my problem is they find me AND I find them
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It may not happen precisely that way, Heather, but when the time is right, the kitty will either find you or draw you into its sphere of influence so you can find it. They do that.
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Maybe you should order extra bananas "just in case".
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We have a bunch of kitties at work (2-3 generations worth now. Co-workers feed them, and I think some may have even gone home with people), and my friend and I both joke about what our significant others would do if we just happened to give them a real home
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