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Loved ones we have lost are still around us.

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I don't know how many of you saw the thread about posted about the sudden passing of my Aunt. She passed away on Wednesday at the age of 49, leaving behind two 17 year old twin girls and a 19 year old son. Today was her funeral, and along with the strengthened bond that my family now has, especially with the members that we drifted away from over the years, something amazing happened.

My aunt loved nature, and today was the perfect day for her. It was a great cool, crisp, fall day with leaves falling and was just gorgeous. At the cemetery after the funeral a Monarch butterfly appeared out of the sky and landed on the grass on her grave. For those who don't know, Monarchs aren't really around at this time of year. They have either migrated down south or they haven't survived the cooler temperatures, especially with the frost we had this morning. We all saw the butterfly land, but we didn't really pay attention to what happened afterwards. At the get together we had after the funeral my dad told me what happened. He was leaving the cemetery behind the limo carrying my uncle and my cousins. He said he saw the butterfly fly up off the grass and follow the limo through the cemetery until it couldn't keep up any longer. Then it flew off in another direction.

Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, we know that this was a sign from my Aunt to tell us that she loved us and was still with us. And as tragic as this event was, it was in a way a positive one that has brought us closer and given us a different outlook on life.
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Awwww Rob, how beautiful
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your Aunt.

I totally believe in these things. Almost a year ago my cousin suddenly died at the age of 42. Someone had told us that everytime we saw a Butterfly it would be him showing us he was okay and at peace. That Summer, everytime I went to the beach I would see a butterfly, which had never been the case before. The beach was his favorite place. That brought me a great deal of comfort.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
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That's really a cool story.

I remember a few years after my grandpa had passed we started to see cardinals in our yard...especially during the Christmas season.

When I was younger we would ALWAY go to my grandpa's house for all the holidays. I always remembered seeing cardinals in his backyard. My grandpa was also always a stickler about family getting together in one mass celebration.

I truely believe that nature somehow reminds us on a daily basis about the people that we use to love. No one else can see it but our own eyes and that's what makes nature special to each and every person.
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