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She's Driving Me Nuts!

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Lucy (about 15 months old) follows me around meowing constantly. When I sit down or stop walking, she gets close to my legs and rubs against them meowing. Lately, while I'm sitting, she bites at my legs or jumps into my lap and bites at my arms. When I try to give her affection (petting/scratching) she runs away, only to return a few moments later to start meowing/rubbing/biting.

It's starting to drive me bonkers. I can't figure out what she wants!! She has food, clean litter, fresh water, tons of toys, and even her sister to play with. I toss toys to see if she wants to play but she doesn't seem interested.

Any advice?
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Forgot to add that she doesn't do this to my roommate at all. She meows at him... in fact, when she's awake she pretty much is non-stop meowing. She also seems to bite at me more when I'm sitting than when I'm standing.
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She is telling you that she wants a feline friend to play with.
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Ahh... but she has one. We have two cats - sisters (Lucy & Ethel). They play together frequently and get along great.
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Maybe she wants interactive play... laser pointer, toys that hang on a pole you dangle... Seamus seems to love this kind of play much more and will jump through hoops to get my attention... pouncing on my face as I relax on the couch, knocking things over, sitting right in front of the tv... maybe she just wants some interaction from you.
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You should try asking her what she wants and get up and let her show you!! All three of my cats will come to me acting that way. It's their signal for meowmy to get up and come see! It may sound foolish, but try it and see what happens!
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Yeah, I am slowly deciphering Butzie's meows and cuddle moments. I just have gone with the flow. Your cat will guide you.
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