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Lola Left Today

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Okay so she is only 8 weeks but I think this is better for her and me both. As she's on a raw diet, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to stop the others from stealing her food. I can't leave food out for her during the day while I'm at work because the others will eat it, but she doesn't like theirs. And as you probably know she was eating litter when she was hungry. She is fully weaned.

I'm so sad because I really wanted to keep her but I just couldn't disappoint my neighbours, and anyway, it would be better for Lola with her eating habits to have someone who doesn't work and doesn't have any other pets to take her 'special' food.

Ziggy hasn't noticed that she's gone

I took her to my neighbours and stayed there for about an hour with her. When she got scared she would run back up to me, but I think she'll be fine. I rubbed a blanket over the other cats and put in her new bed so she has something familiar. She was suprisingly confident when she got there (after snuggling into me for a while.) She was happy to venture off of the sofa and have a sniff around the place.

I know they'll take the best care of her, and I'll be visiting her when I can (will hopefully still be able to get pictures)

She's usually snuggled on my while I'm typing on TCS

I love you Lola, and I'm missing you already
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awe that is hard , at least you know she is in a good place and you can visit her.
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Aww, I know how hard that is. You did a great job with her, and I know you've made her new family very happy!
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