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He wants to hipnotize me !

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You already know my situation with my cat, that I had for 4 years. He hates me, I left him along, and try not to ask for love, since he only loves males, I gave up. But every evening he wants to hipnotise me by looking me streight in the eyes, and if I turn my eyes he runs and wants to attack. I am tired of this behavior, every evening I have to be careful before I go to bed, so he doesn't attack me. What can do ?
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With animals, staring straight into the eyes is a display of dominance. By staring back you are challenging your cat to sort of prove himself. The problem is by being first to look away you're saying that you're submissive, or at the very least not dominate.

In short, don't get into staring contests with your cats. And never do it with a dog.
Next time he tries this with you try tossing a cat toy off to the side to redirect him into doing something else.

As for you hating him, what leads him into such behavior with you? Maybe a certain smell(perfume), body language, or even something that happened in the past that makes him not as fond of you?
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The next time he stares at you, try "cat kisses."

These are loooong, slooooooow blinks of the eyes that signal a cat that you want to be friends.

Has he ever done this to you?

In any case, give it a try. I've made friends with lots of cats that way!
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He probably hates because of something I have done in the past. And I do toss a way an object, he runs, but then he comes back, and stares again. I didn't know and also stared at him, trying to show him that I am not scared of him. He only does it when I go to the restroom in the evening. He actually follows me there. As for blinking I will try, but I am just scared for my eyes, he once grabbed me in my eye, but thanks god I had glasses on.
Why can't you do it with the dog ?
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Originally Posted by Lushe View Post
Why can't you do it with the dog ?
... because dogs are even more attuned to such body language. Do you really want a dog taking offense at you displaying a dominate and threatening behavior? Especially if you were in it's territory and it was a larger dog..
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