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I'm Proud to be a Kiwi!

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A magazine has reported that NZ is one of the top tourist spots for 2003. I am soo proud!

New Zealand
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I don't think a magazine has to recognize that status! It is a beautiful place indeed!

It's so expensive to get over there, otherwise I would be there in a sec!

Oh my!!! My post is 666 !!

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QUICK! Post another one, get rid of that ghastly number Kass! :tounge2:
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Woohoo..I'm ok! Thanks to Kiwi!

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Oh my!!! My post is 666 !!
ROTFLMAO...... how appropriate!!!!!!

I would love to live in NZ!!!! *sigh*
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Originally posted by Bundylee

ROTFLMAO...... how appropriate!!!!!!

It takes one to know one!!!

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I am an
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Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. - Charles Schultz
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I wonder if that has anything to do with the LOTR movies. I never knew that NZ had such diversity, but I have always wanted to go there regaurdless. And Australia I really want to go to both places some day.
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I can't wait to move back to NZ! I've visited Australia too, but I have to say I prefer NZ...

here's where I get lynched...

because Australia has too many things that are poisonous, NZ only has one, Australia is either flooded or burning and besides, kiwis rock!!!!!

Diana x
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I think NZ has 2 poisonous species - the katipo and the white tail spider which somehow entered thru Australia.
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I would love to see NZ! I've been talking to my Mom about going there on a trip with her! She travels a lot. It would be soo incredible!
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I'm not surprised... I was in NZ on exchange for a year, and loved living there and seeing some of the country! The only bad thing about NZ I can think of is that it's so expensive to fly there from Finland. Plus to see enough of NZ the visit has to be pretty long... Otherwise you'll miss so much of the beauty! Of course I personally think people are the best thing about NZ.
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Is that because most of the people from New Zealand are currently working in bars in London?
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