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New pics of Babee

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Here are some pics...she looks grumpy but I swear she's the sweetest kitty.

Thanks for looking.
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Oh she's very cute! Look at those little spots on her tummy!
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Awe look at the face, what a sweetie
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OMG, I'm a sucker for the squished faced cats and dogs! She's so cute! How old is she?
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She's Himalayan right? I am seriously thinking that that breed will be my next kitty. Gotta wait till my 12 year old pooch passes thougth. Where did you get her and what would you suggest I look for when finding a Himalayan?
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She's adorable!!
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OMG look at that sweet little angel
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She is beautiful. My red Persian, Jake (RIP) always looked grumpy or mean but he was the gentlest, sweetest cat I ever knew.
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She's a doll!
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i just love her face!!
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what a pretty girl!!
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