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Does your cat watch tv?

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Babee loves to watch Meerkat Manor! She just sits and watches the entire show. It's so cute. What about your they watch tv?
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my cat Lucky doesn't but my dog Sophie does, she used to love to watch er vets, she would moan and whine with the animals. I used to put it on, just to watch Sophie watch the animals.
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Penny loves to watch t.v. I get a kick out of watching her watching t.v.
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Angel doesn't but Tiger does! He also follows the mouse on my laptop screen!
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Not usually. Sometimes I will see one of them stop and look for a minute or two but they never just sit and watch. I guess my tv taste isn't to their liking, hehe
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Sammi sometimes watches TV, and sometimes doesn't. I don't watch TV enough to have any regular shows he can get interested in I guess that's the problem. However sometimes Sammi likes chasing the mouse pointer on my PC.

Wally sleeps on the sofa in front of the TV, and seems oblivious to it. Sometimes he raises an ear at a loud commercial but doesn't even open his eyes.
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Spike loves to watch tv when I'm watching horse training shows. He likes to watch the horse running around the round pen and usually tries to "catch" the horse through the tv, LOL. The other kitties watch videos on the computer sometimes but pay no attention to the actual tv.
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Nah, Trout doesn't really notice the tv
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I rarely have the TV on, chasing the computer mouse - that's another story
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I've been falling asleep with Discovery Channel on and early in the AM they have a lot of documentaries on... like lion ones... They really like those, and it worries me greatly! Oh and Kahlua attacks the tv when dog shows are on.
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Both of mine generally ignore it, but they will look up every now and then if they hear something interesting. They are faaar more interested in the cursor on my computer screen...I lost count of all the little nose and paw prints that i have had to clean
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Sassy will watch TV occasionally for a few minutes. Usually when there are noisy animals on it. Linus love TV and watches quite often, he really likes cartoons and animal shows. My sister actually gave me a video called Feathers for felines which he just loves because it all birds singing.
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