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The Honoured Pet List

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If you have lost any pet put their name/s below so we all remember them. Post what they were and their colouring (and breed if known)

Smudge was a semi longhaired tortoiseshell queen cat with a white ball on the end of her tail. I'm not sure exactly what her breed was as I wasn't old enough to know her breed when we had her.
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Chester and Boots These were two cats I had as a child. One was gray and the other was black and white. They were both indoor/outdoor cats and neither cat lived long enough to reach their first birthday.

Scamp He was a small black and white mixed breed dog that I grew up with. He died of a massive stroke at age 14 1/2.

Rusty Orange mixed breed cat I had as an adult.

Kitty Dark gray Siamese/tortie cross that I had as an adult.

Midnight This is my most recent loss. Midnight was an all black Siamese-cross who went to the Rainbow Bridge 6 years ago. She was rescued from a no-kill shelter and was a companion to my current cat Snowball for 10 years. Unfortunately, it became necessary to put her to sleep at age 14 due to a serious and painful condition.
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Spike - He was my protector and teacher when I was young. It's been 15 years since he died, but I still miss him.Spike was a DSH tabby and white, although his tabby areas were almost black.

[u]Cleo - She had been abused as a kitten, tossed around from owner to owner, until finally she was about to be put down when her previous guardian stepped forward to take her. From then on she knew only love and contentment, and that was for at least eight years. So when her guardian had to move away, I took her for the winter. By then Cleo had been pining, and going downhill very fast. In may of 2005 we decided it would be best to put her to sleep. I miss my little girl. She was white with black spots.

Tucson - What can I say about my dear one? He was my heart and soul, my very existence, the love of my life. He was a shelter cat, eight years old. The next day he would be PTS if he wasn't adopted. But we spent eight more years together. He passed away two years ago in September from FIV complications. He was a black and white DSH, with a black mask and cape.
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These are just a few I've had over my life. There are many more!

Jake My best friend. Red Macrel Tabby Persian. Was pts a few weeks ago because of severe complications of the rare feline lupus.

Hallie Sweet Calico Persian, who died from PKD

Little Skittle Calico kitten, domestic short hair. I had her when I was a small girl. Got hit by a school bus while she was following me to the bus stop.

Spooky Gray and White domestic long hair. Got him when I was a little girl. He liked to go outside and fight. Once he got shot and lived through that. But one day went out and never came back.

Phoebe Snow White domestic short hair. Had her when I was a teen ager. She lived a long, happy life.

Daisy White domestic short hair. Phoebe's daughter. Lived a long and happy life with my parents.
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Black - DSH, Solid Black, just passed Oct. 8, 2007, from liver disease.
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Gizmo - silvery/grey DSH, had to be PTS when he was 5 years old from an unknown disease that the vet could not treat.

Woody - orange and white DSH, passed away 4/13/05, two weeks before his 2nd birthday. He had renal failure.

Puff - grey and white DLH, passed away 10/2005, heart failure, was 13+ years old.

Oliver Felix - black and white DLH, passed away 10/13/06 at 4 months old.

Tommy the Cat - brown tabby DSH, passed away 10/2006 at 2 1/2 months old.

UC - tortoiseshell DLH, passed away 2006 of old age.

Weasel - brown tabby DSH, passed away 11/2006 at 7 weeks old.

Sebastian - black and white DSH, passed away at 6 weeks old, unknown causes.


Dakotah - Chow/Lab mix. Passed away 11/8/02.

Oreo - Shih Tzu. Passed away 4/2004.

Jack - Jack Russell Terrier. Passed away 1/2007.

Shadow - Labrador/Pit Bull mix. Passed away 1/2007.
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Maggie, White DSH passed away 8 years ago on Labor Day.. 2 days shy of her 19th Birthday of old age.

Lizzie, Orange DSH was PTS and the end of May this year, she had cancer.
She was 7 years old.
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Snoopy My sweet Blue Point Saimese boy, and my soul kitty, died of old age at age 20
Stanley Precious Persian went to the bridge at age 3 of liver illness

Liebe Louise My beautiful German Shepherd Dog, was hit by a car that purposefully came into our yard just to kill her. She was only 2 yrs old.
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Alley - Black Domestic Longhair - May 1997 to December 9, 2006, My soulmate, cherished and missed forever, lost to cytauxzoonosis.
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Ziggy- Black and white longhair with a distinctive white dot on his forehead and a white circle on his chin. He passed away at around 15 years old. He had a mass in his neck that made it hard for him to breath. He was a beautiful cat.

Scooter- Was born 6 months before me, and lived until he was around 18 years old. He loved us so much and always wanted to be sitting on someones lap. He slept with me most nights too.

Romeo- Pekeingnese, fawn with a black mask. He had horrible allergies and we tried to make him as comfortable as possible for all his days.
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These are just the ones I have personally owned, not including family pets (all bar Tigger adopted as oldies).

Charlie - my first cat, she was a 14 yo pure white female who I only had for 9 weeks, she started fitting and the vet couldnt do anything for her.

Tigger - my lovely 5 yo tabby (the only cat under the age of 10 I have adopted), she had to be pts due to FIP.

George - the only foster I have lost so far, the vet wouldnt guess his age, just that he was very old. He died from liver problems.

Snowy - another 14yo pure white female, she was my little snugglebunny, and had to be pts due to cholangiohepatitis.

Blackie - a 14yo pure black female, I only had her for 8 weeks, she sadly had to be pts due to mammary cancer, as her original owner had never bothered to spay her.

Ginger - my very special boy, sadly died presumably of natural causes at the age of 15 - you can guess his colour by his name.

Pebbles - my black and white 11yo - broke my own rules to adopt her, I dont normally adopt cats under the age of 12, sadly she never saw her 12th birthday. WE dont know what caused her final illness, the vet suspected a small tumour though.
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Willy:my sweet tuxedo boy - July 8, 1994 to March 3, 1999, kidney failure, my buddy forever.
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Unfortunately, my list will be long. But it is the length of this list that gives me the strength to do what I do.

Josephine: Grey tabby female
Blackie: Solid black male
Little Joe: Grey and white male
Stephanie: Calico female
Hippocrates: Grey and white male
Hyper: Calico female
William: White male
Max: Grey and white Manx male
Natasha: Solid black female
Boris: Solid black male
Lucy: Calico female
Sebastian: Long haired siamese/tabby male
Samantha: Siamese/tabby female
Little Mom: Grey tabby female
Bogart: Grey male
Rocky: Grey/white male
Shep: Grey/white female
Tan foot: Torbie female
Blackie: Torbie female
Mary: Red tabby female
Larry: Red tabby male
Pale Face: Diluted red tabby male
Head: Red tabby female
Angus: Red tabby male
Sean: Red tabby male
Tigger: Brown tabby male
TF Jr: Torbie female
Emily: Brown tabby female
Flashback: Torbie female
Morrison: Red tabby male
Hendrix: Red tabby male
Ruby: Red tabby male
Janis: Red tabby female
Little C: Red tabby male
Callie Girl: Calico female
Callie Girl 2: Calico female
Red: Red tabby male

Rex: black poodle
Reggie: white poodle
Red: Golden retriver-ish dog
Ellie Mae: brown hound-ish dog
Jethro: Black border collie/lab
Nita: Brown German Shepardish dog
Doug: Dark brindle Greyhound
Tyler: Light brindle Greyhound

And the shame of it all: I'm probably missing quite a few.
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