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teething at ~5 months. What is normal?

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Hey folks.
My two male kittens are about 5 months old (probably between 5 and 6 months) and they have started to get their permanant teeth in.

However, I have a question about whether or not what I am seeing is normal for most teething kittens... It seems that on both of them, to some extent, they still have their upper canine kitten teeth, but the new canine teeth are already coming in behind them.

Is this normal, or should the kitten canines have fallen out before the new canines started coming through the gums?

I would hate to take them back to the vet for tooth removal at this point (as they just got back from being neutered, my work schedule is impossibly tight, and money is a little tight right now too) unless it is absolutely necessary.

At what point should I be concerned that this is causing damage to the permanant teeth and actually take them in to the vet?

Also, what can I do to make the teething go easier/faster for them? I have heard that frozen wash cloths will help babies and dogs, is the same true for cats? (I can't imagine my two playing with a cold frozen cloth).

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It's normal for the baby teeth to still be there, my 5 month old is teething and up until yesterday still had both sets of fangs.
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my monster has all of his new teeth, but on one he still has the baby tooth there too. i was told it would fall out but it still hasnt yet
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The same thing happened with my kitten & puppy. On my pup I helped the tooth along when it was nearly out for comfort sake.
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Thanks for your replies!

That makes me feel a lot better. I think I'll try freezing a rag and see if they'll chew on it. They are acting very "touchy" about their mouths being handled, so their gums must be sore.

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Update...believe it or not BOTH of the kittens lost one of their baby canine teeth yesterday.... What is freaky though, is that they both lost the exact SAME one! This makes me wonder how much of a role genetics plays in teething as they are brothers and this is too much of a coincidence.

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This is my Jacks baby tooth at the moment. He goes in to be neutered next week, so if it hasn't come out by then i'm going to ask if it can be taken out while he's under just incase it doesn't fall out itself and he has to be put under again

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Mine looked that large as well, so hopefully it will still fall out on it's own.
BTW, their other two canines have fallen out. Yay!

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