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Oh happy happy joy joy!!!!! I'm finally back here!!!!! HOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!! to you ALL!! I've missed you soooo much!!!!!!! I'm so happy to be back!! I feel like I've been resurected!!! :LOL:LOL:LOL: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Oh! Oh! Oh!

Am I the first to welcome you back???? Yay!!

So glad to see you back again!!!!!!!!
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****whispers**** I think I see dead people!

Wooohooo !!!! Welcome home Bod!

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Mod Bod!!!!!!!!!! Hello!! Welcome!!! Greetings!!! Salutations!!!!! Nice to see you!!!!!
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Way to go! Welcome back, Rhea!!!!! Now you can go see the happy birthday thread for you!

We missed you!!!!!
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Why thankyou!! It really does feel great to be back!! I have alot of catching up to do,so I'll be around for a bit longer.. (hang the expenense tonight!! :laughing: )
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Woo-woo-woo!!! Bod's back!!!! :blubturq:
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Glad to have you back! Happy Belated Birthday!
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Woooooohoooooo!!!! Welcome back Rhea!!!
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She's back! Yippee!!!
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Nice to see you again.
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Just be careful Rhea! We don't want to lose you again!!!!!!!!

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OMG!!!!!!!! The Hammie girl is back!!!!!!!!

I missed ya mate!!!! Glad to see you here again! Even if it means I have to start the Hammie protection service again!!! :tounge2:
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shhhhhhhhhhh... not too loud "THEY'LL" hear you!

welcome back
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Welcome back! You have been missed.
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Welcome back Bod! Great to see you around again.
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I'm glad to see your back! Mean ole bosses! They should be punished for not letting you have some fun!
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Look who is back - TROUBLE ...(hehehehe) would not have it any other way!!!!

We missed you - glad to see ya!!

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Welcome back Rhea!!
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Who are you? Do I know you? Must be a mirage! Happy to have you back chickie! Better not abandon us again!
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RHEA!!!!! This site is NOT the same with out you!!!!! Glad to see you are back!!!!!!
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