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6 months old!

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Tiger and Angel are halfway to growing up! Tiger is so big already and Angel is still a petite little thing!
Well, here's some pics!!! I know you all like to see them. Tiger can be such a comedian.

Tiger and meowmy. I would be holding Angel but she doesn't like to stay still.

Tiger likes to play in the water bowl! He's so messy!

He fell asleep on the jingle springy toy!

Furry toes!


TUNA!!! They only come into the kitchen if I make a kissing noise. And boy, do they come running!

The many sleeping positions of Angel...

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Angel has a white belly like heyu does..
very nice.
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They are adorable!!
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That second sleeping pic of Angel is too funny! And of course Tiger is just a handsome boy.

Love this pics!
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they are cute kitties,
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Thanks for sharing the pics. I love toesies and tummies!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
Angel has a white belly like heyu does..
very nice.
We didn't know she had a white belly when we got her because it was shaved for her spaying.
They had their first walk outside two days ago. Tiger wouldn't come down from my arms but Angel was walking around, but crouched low in a cautious position. It was fun!
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They are beautiful!
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soo cute!
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