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rescue'd a kitty this weekend

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I'm new to this list... excited to be apart of it!

This weekend we took the motorhome, dirtbikes, kids and dogs for what was to be a pretty typical 3 day weekend of fun.. Late sat night my son and I took our pups for a walk and something caught their attentions... we weren't sure what it was... whatever it was high tailed it up into the nearest tree We move in closer after getting the dogs back to our camp and I think it's a possum but low and behold its a CAT! I go to one of the other campers there and ask if by chance they brought their cats and if so I appologized because my dogs just chased it up the tree... assuming the man would say no.. he say's "we'll actually we do bring our cats camping but they are both right here" he then says "Is it a big white one?" I say yes it is a big white one and he begins to inform me that they come up each wkend to dirtbike and have been trying to catch this cat since before Christmas At this point we get some wet dog food and put it up in the tree with the cat.. he eats it and the next thing you know he's climbing onto my 15 yr old's shoulders He then ends up spending the rest of the weekend in the motorhome. The CAT CAMPERS gave us some litter and food. He is totally litter box trained and the sweetest kitty I have ever been around. We have him secluded in a seperate room and also have an appt for him at 6 tonight with the VET. I just had to share this story cuz it is precious! HE'S PRECIOUS! We have officially named him Ralphie
He appears to be pretty healthy.. his poops look healthy, his fur is pretty dirty but in good condition. He does have a patch of fur missing behind his ear that is interesting, not bite or inflamation so that is good. His teeth and mouth looks good as well. He does have a little sneeze here and there but the dr will check on that. We will get him checked out tonight and start his vaccinations.. I have a animal communicator that I've worked with for several years that we will be talking with tomorrow at 1pm Hopefully we can learn more about his past month or so...

Any thoughts on this or things that I should be looking for?

Sorry this is so long
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Wow, that is so wonderful that you have rescued a kitty. Will you take him to the vet to make sure he is in good health?

Good Luck and welcome!

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Hi. It's very kind of you to take care of the cat. Although I find the concept fascinating, other than the horse whisperer, who just studied and observed the interaction among horses thoroughly, I have my doubts about animals speaking to animal communicators. There's a lot of room for frauds in the psychic field. I think you'll learn more from the vet. I would also call the animal shelters, place an ad in the paper, and call the police to see if some family is looking for a beloved pet. I wish you the very best. You obviously love animals, and would give him a great home.
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I do appreciate your input and your opinion. I have worked with Mary Getten for years. My daughter and I have even trained under her. I know what I have seen and witnessed in my own life with our own animals to know that what she does isnt unusual nor is she a scam artist. I do agree that there are those types of people out there I have also searched the papers up in that area and talked with the humane society for that county and well as searched the big post it board in the State park.

You hear with your ears... you listen with your heart*
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I don't mean to cast doubt on one person. I think there is a line in Hamlet that there are many things under the sun that are beyond our understanding. I just didn't want you to be betrayed. You should do what you think is best.
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Thank you
You kindness is appreciated!
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It is really good of you to rescue the kitty from the campground. It sounds like he is in good hands.
I was wondering if you had contacted the campground office (if there is one) or posted a "found cat" poster in a central location. This might be someone's lost kitty. It was good of you to ask the other camper but the kitty could have been lost on a previous camping trip by someone who was not camping at the same time you were.
It might be good to put up flyers of alert the campground in case someone is missing their kitty baby.

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That cat must have been waiting just for you, if he had been there since before Christmas. Good Luck with Ralphie, and welcome to the board.
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Yes we have taken measures to find his home. If you read my above posts you will see that I am a pet owner that adores all of her babies and I would absolutely hope that someone would do what they could to find us if one of our babies were lost

He is definately in good hands I can assure you of this
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Have you ever had cats before? What do your dogs think about the cat? What name have you given your new four-legged family member?

One piece of advice is to make sure you spay or neuter the cat. Un-altered cats can have many health and behavior problems.

Please tell us more about your new kitty.
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Yes I've had cats and dogs my entire life When my mother was pregnant with me she had a momma kitty that was pregnant as well. Momma kitty was killed shortly after kittens were born so my mom raised those babies till they passed on at about 17 yrs. As of right now we have 3 other cats, 17yr old maine coon-Tiger, 5 yr old Male Ragdoll mix-Frank and 2 yr old ragdoll mix, molly Plus we have 2 dogs-leonberger 7 yrs old-Sara and Black Dog-mix who is about 5 we think. All of our babies were from the Humane Society and Sara and tiger were homeless for a few months, Frank and Molly were unwanted kittens and Black Dog found us on the Millenium So we arent newbies at this animal house at all Animals just seem to find me my entire life

I am running this new guy to the vet now.. so I will update when I return..

Can i add pictures to these posts?
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I did read the above post and it says that you only talked to the one camper that had his cats there. And Christmas was less than a month ago so it hasn't been that long since the cat was lost.
I am not trying to say that you are doing anything wrong. It is very commendable that you gave the kitty a new loving home. I was just concerned that someone might be looking for the kitty since it is so friendly and litter trained and all.

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"I have also searched the papers up in that area and talked with the humane society for that county and well as searched the big post it board in the State park." -posted in previous reply

Is a month or more not a long time for a domestic cat to be lost in the middle of the forest? Not just any forest but one that occupies about 100 dirtbikers a day on the weekends... Im curious if the opinion is that I should of left him there in hopes that his possible owners could find him? The way I see it is if my kitty was lost even a little distance from there I would plaster signs everywhere possible. There is a board right next to where we camped for all notices..
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Sorry I must have missed the part about the peg board for the campground. Again I just was wondering if maybe someone was looking for the kitty. I am glad that he is safe now and being well taken care of. Sorry if I offended you in any way. You are doing a really good thing.
Hugs and welcome to the board.
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Hai Kimberly,
I think the kitty is in very good hand with you, better then when you should have left him in the woods.
It's good you hung the flyers etc.
What the others are trying to tell you is correct as well though. But it's still better that he is with you.
Let me explane my point; My cat is missing for 4,5 month now. I do hope that somebody like you took care of him. I have put more then 250 flyers, ads in newspapers and on TV etc. I can write a book about what I have done, and still I have not found him.
Now perhaps somebody took him in and did not report him anywhere thinking he is some kind of a stray cat. Or they just liked him and want to keep him. This people do not realise that the cats mummy might be looking for him desperately.They might live in a different neigbourhood or they took him to a different place.
I think that's what the other are trying to tell you.
But in this case I think you did correct by taking him as far as you left messages on the place where you found him.
And yes you can place pictures, just see below the writing field Attach file:you click Browse and find on your harddisk the picture you want to post. Click the one and click Submit Reply.(just take care of the max.size)
Excuses for my bad English!
See here a picture of my missing Cat.

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Just wanted to share that Ralphie is doing great! He is the most loving animal I have ever been around. His antibiotics are kicking in and his sneezes are almost gone I spoke with Mary Getten and she was able to get some answers from him about his past.... he is truely an angel to us! I dont know if I've ever felt a connection like the one I felt with him instantly.. No leads on the attempts I've made to find his past family but I will continue..

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I'm so glad to hear he's doing well. It sounds as if he's one little sweetheart of a cat. It's very kind of you to try to find his family. But until that time comes, if it should, I'm happy he's in loving hands. Keep posting!
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I'm so glad he settled into your family so quickly.
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