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Is it me or her?

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3 weeks ago we adopted Callie (5 month old, spayed female). She is happy, eating, pooping, drinking, playing, the whole works! ().
We also have Abby (6 yr. neurtered male). He could really care less if she were here or not, but no problems between them at all, he is just an old toot and ignoring her. But she could care less either and just goes on about her merry way.
One thing that bothers me is that she sleeps on the wood floor in the wide open at the back door. She curls up really tight sorta like she does not want to lay there. I got her her own bed, wants no part of it. I have tried to bring her in the bed with me at night, wants no part of it. I tried laying a blanket, her cat bed, towel, even an old t-shirt down on the floor for her at the back door, wants no part of it.
Abby has his own kitty bed and lives in it. When it's nighttime, Abby sleeps at my feet on the bed. Abby will use the couch sometimes also.
There is plenty of room in our home for her to find a more comfortable place to nap and sleep. The house is not hot (thinking she is laying there on a cool floor).
I don't know why she sleeps there. Even as much of a old toot as Abby is, he wants to snuggle and or be close to someone at nap & bedtime.
Should I worry about this or just leave her alone? should I try other kitty beds? I just hate to see her on the hard floor all by herself.
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I would still carry her into bed with ya, but let her do her thing in the long run, she probably doesn't feel completely free to cuddle or curl up in Abby's home yet. It is awesome they are getting along and as much as it seems they could care less about one another, there is a well established respect toward Abby and his domain. She will find her snuggle zone soon, don't worry.
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Tre frequently sleeps on the linoleum floor near my garage door. It REALLY bothers me. We're all in the living room and he's in the other room on the hard floor.

I think it's just his preference...so, I leave him be for the most part. I do make him accompany us to bed when it's time to go...and I do try to convince him to join us...and sometimes he does.
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If you adopted from a shelter, she may like the floor better. If you have a variety of beds - from deep dish to a more flat kind, let them chose. In time I'm sure she will find the sofa, chair or bed more comfortable
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And with so many new things in her life right now, she might find this soothing. So don't worry about it. Five months? She's a baby!

If you miss her and want to connect with her, bring a blanket and get down on the floor next to her. Talk softly, or pet her, if she likes that.

There's nothing a cat likes more than us making contact on their terms, not ours.
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