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New burmese kitten not eating!

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Hi everyone! Finally my burmese boy, Shiloh, is here in Hawaii! I picked him up yesterday, and he is even more beautiful than I imagined! He is currently 13 weeks old.

But right away, I noticed that he is not eating. I picked him up yesterday morning, and the holding facility at the airport said that they fed him earlier. I don't know if he even ate anything. But as soon as I brought him home, I left out fresh water and "chicken soup kitten formula" dry food, but he didn't touch it at all. The only thing he ate yesterday was a few bites of "Wellness Turkey" canned food that I gave to him at about 6pm. He did drink some fluids which was good.

I took Shiloh to the vet this morning, and even so he didn't eat a thing! My vet said that it may be due to the stress of the flight, so I should monitor him the next 24 hours. They gave me some Iams kitten food dry and canned. This was what he was eating back in New Zealand. They also administered some liquids into him since they said he looked a bit dehydrated. But all in all, he was normal and healthy.

Well, it's about 4:30pm Hawaii time as I write this, and still no change. He hasn't touched any food, and hasn't gone to use the litter box at all! The only time he would go is if I would actually put him in the box, and even then, barely anything would come out!

I'm really starting to worry! He seems fine. He is playful, likes to cuddle, but I don't know why he won't eat! Also, he's been crying a lot! Ever since I picked him up from the airport. My breeder told me that he's not a very vocal cat, but I swear he's just as loud as a siamese! I don't know if it's because he's looking for his mom or litter mates, but I sure hope it's nothing serious!

I read online somewhere that says that it takes kittens a few days to get used to their new surroundings. I don't know if this is normal behavior, but it's really starting to freak me out why he won't eat at all!

Any advice would help a lot! Sorry for the long post.
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I don't know if it's the same for kittens, but when I adopted my two cats from a shelter they didn't eat for almost 2 days, everyone tells me this is perfectly normal. If it goes on longer then that it will get to be a problem, but I would give him a couple days to settle, if he is drinking he should be fine.
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Are you feeding the same food as the breeder? Also, he will need some time to adjust to his new surroundings and being away from his littermates/mum.
That's probably why he's vocal, then again the Burm kittens I see at shows are not quiet only the adults are
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When we got Charlie and came home (6 hr drive), he too went thru the not eating much the first 2-3 days. Its just the changes, the flight, everything new. I'm sure by tomorrow he will be fine and starting to eat.

Post pictures as soon as you can
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Thank you guys for the assurance. Last night, he did eat some dry Iams food, but he ate it inside his carrier! He wouldn't eat the dry food I leave out in his food bowl. This morning, I let him have the run of the house at 6am. He was crying and going through the house rather slowly, inspecting things. I went to heat up some of his leftover "Wellness Turkey" canned food, and low-and-behold! He ate it! About an ounce and he was done, but I was so thrilled!
As I am typing this, he is having the full "run" of the house! He's not walking and inspecting anymore, but rather running and playing! It's so good to see him like this.
Still meows loudly, but I hope he'll lessen the intensity as he gets older. A million thanks for everyone's input. You don't know how much more relieved I am.
Watch for my post for pictures of Shiloh!!! Coming very soon!
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Originally Posted by burbabies View Post
Last night, he did eat some dry Iams food, but he ate it inside his carrier!
Don't worry, Farley ate under the bed for 2 days. He'd be out playing with the other cats the rest of the time, but for meals he wanted under the bed.
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