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My Budgie Baseball Team

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I have 3 budgies - Sandy Koufax, Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra - since before we adopted Butzie. They fly free. Our late cat Brownie was really an outdoor cat and never bothered them, even when WF decided to take a bath in the water side of his dish when he was eating. Didn't think that this was the exception rather than the rule for cat/bird behavior. Butzie, my little huntress, however, thinks those birds are pretty fascinating.

Worked out a way to keep all pets (and us, their pets) happy and safe. Butzie lives downstairs which is like a 1 bdrm apt. during the day. Her food and litter box are there, she has her cat "screen" door and my husband works in his office down there. I go there frequently during the day and spend time playing with her.

The birds get the upstairs during the day. When I put them to sleep, Butzie comes upstairs to my bedroom. She and I are "night owls," so we get even more time to play together.

Would Butzie come up if we left the door open? Yesterday, I thought I might try to let her come up when the birds were out. She looked at me as if to say, "What are you nuts, lady?" and declined the offer.

Sandy, Whitey and Yogi said "What a good birdie!"
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Very pretty keets - if you want them to stay alive, then DON'T let the cat in the same room with them flying loose - it will be too tempting. Keets are not big enough to protect themselves from a cat with a mouth and claws.

The cat will eventually kill them if given the chance.
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Cats does not even have to try.
If a bird even ingests cat saliva accidently, it can die.
Pasteurella bacteria in cat/dog is very deadly to birds.
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They don't come in contact with each other. And unlike Tweety and Slyvester, I know the cat would win.

Thx about the saliva - didn't know.

Not such a novice about cats and budgies. Brownie was with us for 12 years and never really gave them the time of day (cept for that bowl incident). He would come in to eat in the kitchen and we had to keep the screen door open for him. The birds love the kitchen and have a "roost" there. Someone had to be in the kitchen if the cat was in. If you had to go to the bathroom and all pets were in the kitchen, you had to ask for relief from a family member. Ya know, it is so much easier to train your husband and kids than a cat - well when it comes to the pet's well-being anyway.
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Yeah, a lot of people don't know.
As long as you are extra careful.
I've kept birds and cats both forever.

I used to have doves that lived on a screened in porch who would lie on the cats in the sun.

I only have one little macaw now, and the cats fear him, so I don't worry much.
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Had a double yellow head Amazon, Liberyty. She was very unhappy when our son was born. She was even more unhappy when Brownie showed up and adopted us. Liberty tried to discourage Brownie by jumping down from her stand and going after him in full parrot display. Brownie just looked at her as if, your wings are clipped but my claws and teeth are sharp. Liberty backed down.

Brownie saved my son from Liberty. Son undid the straps on his high chair and fell to the floor between the cat and the bird (son not hurt). Liberty again jumped down and was ready to do harm to our son. Brownie went in to full crouch next to our son and I reached them before anything got out of hand. Liberty retreated. Comforted son, praised Liberty and put that bird in her cage. Gave the cat people salmon, kept the son, and found a nice new home for Liberty.
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Good kitty
I simply won't deal with an amazon.
Gorgeous birds, but they get really moody and a bit unpredicatble once they hit maturity.

That's why I love my little guy, he's a Hahns macaw, had him since he was weaned at 9 months.
He only wants to be cuddled and to entertain everyone.

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They are so pretty! I love their names!
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