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Lord help me

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Lord help me, my sixteen year old daughter got her learner"s license
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I hear ya!! My youngest is studying to get hers. I sooo dread it!
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Vibes to both of ya....you'll need them for sure
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Oh my! I found that in my family, the best teachers were outside of the family! My Mom stressed way to much with me! And so did my step-dad with his kids. So my advice is, coming from the kids perspective, just be calm! And then you'll all get through it in fine fashion!
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Some calming vibes headed your way!

Try and have a little faith in her though. If she's anything like you, i'm sure you've raised her to be a responsible/considerate young woman- so hopefully she learned well during her training course and will prove her responsibility. Does she know what to do in case of a flat, the car stalling, hitting an icy patch of road, does she know how to change a tire...etc? I remember when i first started driving- what made me panic the most was driving in the snow/ice- because around here we don't get much, and i didn't remember what to do so it scared me a bit.
I would make sure she know's what to do in some common situations should she need help. Other than that, i'm sure she'll be just fine!!
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