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Another vet visist

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Last night Popsie's pooper got stopped up again. I gave him two more doses of his lactulose as the vet said to do when he was there a month ago. It gave him diahrrea but did nothing for the large stool already stuck in there. My DH was being selfish and made me go get him at his friends at six this morning. When we got home he had pooed all over the house. He was hiding in the back of our filing cabinet behind the drawer and the had pooed there as well. Then he urinated while he was laying there. I called the vet which I wanted to do as soon as they opened at 7 30 but couldn't cuz I had to get DH.(he feels bad about that by the way). I got Popsie in at 9 this morning and had to leave him there again. They gave him an enema again and some fluid under the skin. I have to give Popsie two doses of lactulose now, everyday for life. The vet also said to feed him some wet food which I was doing but stopped because moneys tight. I love my baby and will do everything for him, but wow, taking care of an old cat is hard. I felt so bad because on the way to the vet he was mewling so pitufully. He's ok now though.
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Poor Popsie! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!
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Im sorry you're having such difficulties. I'm glad Popsie is ok.
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I'm sorry! Good luck, I know the vet 'mew' so. sad. always a heartbreaker for me
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Sorry to hear about you cat. If you need any information about chronic constipation, please feel free to contact me. I have unfortunately become an expert in this domain thanks to my cat. I had to seek alternative medicine after awhile and have been pretty satisfied with my decision.
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Poor Popsie! I sure hope you can find a way to afford to feed him some wet food. Another thought is that there might be something you could add to his food daily (holistic type additive) that could possibly help.

Sending good "poopie" vibes for Popsie.
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Does he like pumpkin, the plain canned variety, not pumpkin pie filling? If so, you can mix the lactulose with the pumpkin for a little boost to the lactulose. I used to fee my kitty a wee bit of canned food, some pumpkin, and lactulose mixed together. She loved it!
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For Kolohe adding Slippery Elm to his wet food worked wonders for his constipation. I buy 400mg. capsules, open them and add about half a tablet per day to his wet food. I've been doing this for two months and he's had no problems with constipation. Slippery Elm will also help with diarrhea.

I order the tablets from http://www.iherb.com/info/Benefits.aspx.
Use the search box on their home page to find "slippery elm". I bought the NOW brand 400mg. capsules. Their prices are good and shipping is inexpensive. You may be able to find the capsules at a health food store or buy powder in bulk. The powder can also be mixed with water to make a paste that some cats will eat. Kolohe refused it.

I hope Popsie continues to feel better. to Popsie.
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