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Sneezing Fits

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I have a male cat, 14 years old. For the past few months he's had sneezing fits. All is okay and then he just starts sneezing repeatedly for a minute or so and then he is back to normal. Any thoughts? Can I just give him a sinus pill that a human would use?

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First of all, NEVER give a cat medicine for humans. Some of them are toxic to cats. Give medicines only after a vet has prescribed them.

Has your guy had his vaccinations updated recently (boosters)? Sometimes my cats sneeze after having them, as they are actually weak forms of the illnesses they're supposed to prevent. It just takes time for them to get over their upper-respiratory "sneezles" and keeping your cat warm by providing warm "throws" or blankets or soft cat beds for him to cuddle up in will be helpful to him. If he is sneezing badly, though, a visit to his doctor wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
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Does he have runny eyes? Is there any gook or fluid coming out of his nose when he sneezes? He may have a kitty cold (Upper Respiratory Infection) or may be getting one. When was the last time he was at the vet? He is an older kitty so maybe it would be a good idea to see the vet and have a senior cat check-up.

I second the above - never give your pet human meds of any kind. Your vet is the only one capable of diagnosing and prescribing meds for your kitty.
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Is he getting anywhere that has a lot of dust? Have you checked your furnace filter also? The filter may need to be changed and if you recently started up the furnace he could be having sneezing fits due to that.

Otherwise I would get him to a vet. Our cat Whitey recently started sneezing and like Yosemite said, he started off with the eye goo last week. So onward to the vet he goes as we're pretty sure he's got a URI.

Good luck and once you do make the vet appt, let us know what happens!
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