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My kitties sleep on newspaper when its cold, apparently it retains the warmth to ages. Even if they have blankies in their beds, they still go for the newspaper.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
Well, I've pretty much got no choice now--I just lost my job.

Pray I find another... these cats haven't got anybody but me to take care of them.
I'm so sorry. I hope you find something soon.

I'm sure the cats would be ok. Raven & Nabu tend to be overly dramatic anyway. I know they'd be fine if we *had* to keep it that cool. They have plenty of cuddler beds and Stimpy to keep them warm. Stimpy really does have a thicker coat than they do.

You just might notice your kitties eating a little more. My guys always seem hungrier when the weather cools. The couple of nights the apartment got down to 65* they ate every last scrap of their food by morning. I think it was just above 30* outside.
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Hmm. I think I will give them an extra bit of food, just in case... It does take more energy to stay warm. They've been begging, of course; but since they're normal weight I never thought much about it! I'll see if they start leaving food in their bowls; if they do, I guess they didn't need it after all.

The weather's a bit warmer now--60s. And I've rolled up some rugs and put them in all the door cracks. So during the night it's not nearly as cold now. I'm sitting in my short-sleeved PJs and am quite comfortable. Also, I've gone on a diet--the restricted calorie intake saves me a little money on food. And I need to lose weight anyhow.

I've gotten in touch with a temp service. If they can find me at least some temporary work, that'll be better than nothing. I officially hate being unemployed... I mean, you think it'd be nice to have all that leisure time; but not when you're worried about stuff.

Tiny just headbutted me... what a sweetheart! Even if he does like to pounce my feet.
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I keep my house at 68 and I still find it cold. I have a fleece throw for them on the sofa as well as a large self heating pad on their bed and a condo tent with nice warm pads too. I know during the winter they like to sleep under my blanket with their heads peeping out. It's really funny and cute!!
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