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I'm Sick! I know this woman!

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I'm absolutely sick about this! I know this piece of trash!


A judge has convicted a former respite worker of sexually assaulting her mentally disabled ward.

Carol Iverson, 53, claimed she did not participate in the sexual assault of her then 21-year-old victim at the home of Iverson's former lover and co-accused Ken Allan.

Police arrested Allan after DNA tests proved he fathered the victim's baby.
In previous court proceedings, the victim was described as having the mental capacity of a six-year-old.
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OMG, that is horrible.
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How....how.....how?!!? can someone do that to another person!?! I mean, the mental capacity of a 6 year old....IMO, that's the same as raping a 6 years old! And then she got pregnant as a result!!! And the victim probably had no clue....
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I bet you thought this woman was a normal caring lady who worked with disabled people. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

I don't understand how anyone can even think of taking advantage of a mentally ill person. At what point does it pop into their minds and they think 'that's a good idea'.

I feel ill
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That is just beyond comprehension to me.
Absolutely disgusting.
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In addition to the sickening article, what bothers me is the lack of outrage - I mean, the entire countries should be up in arms...but, boy, just launch an article about Paris or Britney and look at the attention No wonder we have Iraq veterans returning to be unemployed and homeless - so few people care to hear THOSE stories
As a mom of a disabled girl (27 years going on 14), I thank you from the depths of my heart for caring about this story to share with us, Natalie_ca, and to the rest of you who bothered to respond. This world needs more people like you and your kitties are truly blessed to have you all in their lives. Sincerely, Susan
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