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Just saying Hi

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I've been lurking for a month or so and figured I would go ahead and post some pics. My allergic to cats housemate recently got married, and decided to replace him with a cat. I ended up getting two girls, littermates, from a co-worker. Apparently one of her cats passed away, and one day she discovered a cat hanging around this old shack. She investigated to see what was up and discovered that the cat had recently had a litter and thinks she was abandoned because of this. She spent the summer gathering up the mother and her five kittens, only to discover that the mother was pregnant again. There were six kittens in the second litter, which was born on August 31. None of the kittens from the first litter looked like their mom, but all six from the second did. My two girls are from the second litter. I picked them up the second week in December.

Here's Willow:

and Pandora:

I've got more pics here

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Welcome to the Cat Site!

You have a couple of lovely girls!
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I love this pictures.... your girls are purrrrrrrrrrr fect!
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Welcome to the site Kevin! I'm glad you found us here. Your two girls are just beautiful, and they look very happy with you.

Feel free to jump in on any of the forums, and ask any questions you may have about your purrty girls.
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Oh my goodness, your furbabies are SOOO beautiful! I want to kiss and scritch them!

By the way, welcome!

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Welcome Kevin! Great to see you came out of 'lurk' mode!

Beautiful cats! Look what you've done! Now I want another one....

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Now there are two beautiful cats! Welcome Kevin out of lurkdom
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Welcome Kevin. I'm new too. I'm so happy you are giving those kitties a wonderful new home. May you and your new housemates have many fun-filled years together!
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Wow! Your girls are SO beautiful! How old are they?
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Thanks for posting! Willow and Pandora are beautiful! Cats are fun little critters...but they are a riot when they are kittens and it looks like you've got your hands full!!
It's nice to meet you and hope to see posting more!
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Welcome Newbie, From another Newbie!
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Your girls are beautiful!
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