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Yes, I would definatly adopt a shelter kitty! I like the good feeling you get for giving an animal a second chance at life. And I believe they know you are giving them another chance so you get that extra special bond.

Frisco is not from a shelter, but he was a feral I rescued. I do plan, however, to get a Turkish Angora kitten from a good breeder. They are my favorite breed and I want to be able to enjoy one at least once in my lifetime.
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Most definitely.

I volunteer at our local humane society (low-kill - meaning unless there is nothing left that they can do to save an animal they will humanely euthanize it). I see first-hand the quality of the staff, their devotion to the welfare of their animals and their genuine love and caring.

They currently have a lot of cats but I watched and heard as they turned down a couple that wanted to adopt 3 of them a couple weeks ago. They turned them down because the couple were going to allow the cats in the house during the day but put them in the barn at night. These people were looking for barn cats to keep their mice population down. The shelter person then asked if they had coyotes in the area. Their answer was, Oh yes, in fact their neighbour just lost one of their cats to a coyote the week before. As soon as the rescue heard that, they straight out and told them they would not adopt to them. They left in a huff and I can only imagine what story they have told their "friends" about the horrible shelter that wouldn't adopt to such wonderful people as they considered themselves to be. The manager of the rescue said to us afterwards that if people like that thought the shelter would spend the time and money to get these cats from bad situations, get them healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations just so someone could adopt them for coyote food, they had another think coming.

So short answer to your question, yes, I would adopt from a shelter like this in a nano-second.
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Delilah came from a shelter, perfectly healthy, spayed, and UTD on vaccinations. Best bargain I've ever gotten! Blue and Piper came from neighbors with unwanted litters, so I guess we cut out the middleman there. Griffin and Bastian came from a breeder because I decided I really wanted Ragdolls. I don't anticipate adopting any more cats for a long time, but when we do I would adopt from a shelter. I do think I might run into the same problem White Cat Lover did, though, in that they'd probably label me a "hoarder". I've been thinking that once my kids are older I might like to foster again rather than adopting more kitties, so we'll see if anyone will approve me for that!
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I am a foster mom for cats and kittens and the woman I work for does have her rules and principles. Some I agree with, some I don't so much. Since my fosters are all kittens abandoned in the garden where I live, I'm glad for her help. She does all the screening, etc. She lets me keep the adoption fee of $65. Right now I have two fosters: Little Guy and Sun. They were abandoned in July 2006.

I will probably not adopt again, since I worry more about my cats outliving me than me outliving them.

I have never actually adopted from a shelter, but it seems like a good idea to me.
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