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of course i would. however most of the cats i have had where strays,
heyu came from a shelter.
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Originally Posted by Taurus77 View Post
All my animals recently have been shelter animals. In my childhood they were all from people we knew or strays--I've never bought from a breeder and probably won't. I feel too strongly about giving these Heinz 57 mixes a good home.
Yep, me too Taurus.
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Seen as I just signed Autumn's adoption papers from the shelter, yes I would, but I think 5 is enough for the forseeable future.

Mine checks with landlords about dogs but generally with cats they don't (we have a law here that states that tenants can have pets so even if landlords say no you can get them anyway)

They do have a lengthy questionnaire, you have to be interviewed by an adoption counsellor before you can even see the animals and the adoption counsellor can stop the adoption at any time if they feel you are not a suitable owner
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That's where Jake came from. I got Tonka from a lady who was Fostering him for a shelter....
I would in a heartbeat
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Absolutely. I work for a shelter We do our best to try and make sure all of our animals are in great condition/even tempered before we adopt out. All animals leave spayed/neutered, fully vetted...the whole nine yards. All of my animals are shelter/rescue babies and i'm proud of it! Adopting shelter animals saves lives....period.
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I have and would adopt from a shelter, rescue etc. Peaches came from the Humane society and she has been the healthies cat I've had in a long time.
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I would adopt from a shelter. However, when I was ready to adopt, my shelter only had kittens. So I looked on Craigslist to find an older kitty.
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Absolutely, all mine have been rescues, although not all have come from a rescue, some have come off the street, some have come to me rather than got to a rescue. Now I foster for a rescue, I have cats coming so often I dont have to go looking for any, but I only adopt oldies (got a long term oldie foster coming today). In fact, i have only gone looking for 1 of the 8 I have had (one of the others came from a rescue, but I did go with the intention of coming back empty handed!!)
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In theory, yes absolutely. In practice, when I tried I found it impossible. I live on the 2nd floor and have no direct access to the outdoors, and here shelters require that the cat is indoor/outdoor, and a home visit is made to check that you have a garden and catflap. I know some of you in the US will find this incredible, but I think fail to realise quite how big a cultural belief it is that cats should be allowed access to the outside, and that to keep them indoor only is cruelty. In the majority view, even an elderly cat should have access to a safe garden to potter around in and lie in the sun. I do not have that facility!
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I remember when you wanted a friend for Radar, Epona. To me, that is ridiculous!

And to clarify, I mean shelter/rescue/AC/humane society....all of those I classified under one word "shelter".
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Epona, not all rescues in the UK are like that, it is a shame the ones in your area are though. A lot of people, including people who work in rescue, are converting to the indoor only idea now (although me and the person I volunteer for still have cats with outdoor access), I have homed 2 of mine as indoor only, one preferred to be, she obviously hadn't enjoyed being a stray, and my current stray foster doesnt' leave her safe room that often, never mind asks to go out, so if an indoor only home came up for her, I would allow it.
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Obviously. See the two in my signature.

I prefer adult cats. They couldn't decide how old Lucy was, and their guesses varied from six months to one year. That was a strike against her when I visited the shelter. I did not want a kitten. She just yelled her head off the whole time, so I got her anyway (I always wanted an all-black cat when I was growing up with Siamese).

I do have a preference for Siamese, but there are enough of them available in shelters and rescues that I can always find one easily (see: Connie).

I don't know that I won't get a cat from a breeder in the future. I want to support the breeders who are responsible, and I want to ensure there are sound, healthy Siamese available in the future. Of course, I'm not really all that into kittens. I think they're absurdly cute and turn into a cooing idiot whenever I see them, but I have some aversion to bringing home a kitten to be a lifelong pet. I loved fostering them, though. I just like to know what I'm getting myself into before committing to a 20+ year relationship. Of course, getting a kitten from a breeder with established bloodlines would take some of the guesswork out of it all.

In any case, my next cat (when I'm in a position to have three - in an apartment now) will most likely be some kind of fluffy male. I've never had a long-haired cat, and fluffy orange boys are just too cute. So are DMH brown tabbies... Why can't I just have fifty cats?
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I prefer to skip the middleman and take them in off the street

I don't know, somehow I feel like Zissou and I were destined for each other, and my next cat will be the same way

Although, if it were anything else, it would definitely be from a shelter.
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I definitely feel Autumn and I have that connection though, she had a huge caution sign on her cage, and was a typical feral, but instantly trusted me that I could clean her cage without being attacked etc.
You never know where you will find the cat that just connects with you and if it happened that one came along somewhere that wasn't a shelter, I wouldn't rule out taking it home, if we have the space / resources at the time
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Our "nasty" cat only acts that way because she 'her majesty' is 'above' other kitties. She's one of the sweetest girls in the world, but turns into a raging beast over the other kitties.
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Sounds like Autumn, only she had a problem with people removing stuff from her cage too (her food bowl to top it up or litter to scoop) - away from 50 other cats she is much nicer
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Okay, are you talking about adopting from a shelter OR a rescue? I wasn't aware that shelters had to many requirements. When I got mine, I went in plunked down my $$ and walked out.

I didn't know shelters had fosters. To me, a rescue is private and a shelter is owned by city or county. Is that how you all view the difference between shelters and rescues?
Here, its pretty much the same. The "shelters" are the city and county pounds and aren't as picky about who they adopt to. I volunteer with a rescue which pulls cats from these shelters. Many of them we get either come with ringworm or other mild issues that have to be treated before we can place them with someone. We have a lenghty application and are very choosy about who we adopt our kitties to.
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Here we are the Humane Society & aren't picky. We do require you fill out an application, which takes a few days to check....but no home visit, etc. And we still end up fuller than full all the time, with few adoptions because people don't want to go thru the app. process or pay $$.
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The only cats we had at the time were Persians. Then Lexi came into our life. After 2 months of her visiting us, no collar, tags, and numerous wounds and neglect, I took her to our local no kill shelter because I did not know how healthy she was and wanted her to have a better life.
After a week of persuading my mom to let me adopt her, she caved in and I took her to the vet before ever taking her home. Before we had always gotten our cats from the pet store or a breeder.
She was the sweetest and friendliest cat I had ever seen in a stray. She had ear mites, an old hematoma in one ear and cactus spines in her neck. I also believe that she may have been abused before she found us. After $700 in vet bills, I still would have done it over again. How could someone have done that to her?
So I would adopt again no matter what unless another cat finds me first.
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We tend to do the check while they wait and many animals go home the same day
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Stimpy came from a shelter I worked for at that time. Raven & Nabu were through a co-worker, and were headed to the shelter if I hadn't adopted them. I guess, as someone else put it, I "avoided the middleman" in their adoption.

We would probably adopt from a shelter again. I adopted 1 cat, a lot of fish (including my 10 gal tank of them), 1 gerbil, and 1 mouse from the shelter when I worked there. But in the future it would probably be a dog being adopted. Stimpy was a special circumstance, he picked me--we hadn't planned to become a 3 cat household until he came along and changed our minds. We are so glad we did.

Cats always seem to find us, so I'm not sure if I'll make it there to adopt another. The last time I intentionally set out to pick out and adopt a kitty, a co-worker came along with Raven & Nabu. Word got out, and almost immediately I had not one but 2 cats.
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We would adopt from shelters without a second thought - although we have our preferences of the shelters up here. We have 3 shelters near us & 1 of the shelters really needs people to adopt so in the future that is where we will go. Wherever an adoption is needed, we will help out when we can but our cat family is quite full at the moment We adopted Sliver & Snowball from shelters
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Shelters are a bit of a pain to adopt from but I probably would. I would much rather go to the pound or animal control though. The shelter from my hometown even tattooed a number in the cats ear so they could keep track if your cat ever ended up back at the shelter. I've been rejected many times from shelters and its so sad because a lot of those cats could have had a good home years ago.
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I forgot to mension the $$ part is not only for medical stuff, but to try and weed out the bad people. I've heard of a lot of people picking up free cats and kittens for snake food Everytime I see an add for a free cat I want to pick it up and find it a good home before a snake feeder takes it!
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I would adopt from the pound before I would a shelter or rescue, because those animals are in more desperate need of getting a home. Also I don't like the way most Shelter/Rescues treat prospective adoptee's. Although I did get my Snoopy from the San Diego Cat Protection Societ, a lovely no kill sanctuary for cats. They house those cats like they're in paradise, and usually people pay them to take their cats in. Some cats there will never be adopted out because a lot of elderly people who passed on sent their cats there after they died, and wanted their cats to live at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives, and they provided for it in their wills. The cat sanctuary is what most shelters/rescues should be like. It's like a paradise. The cats have the freedom to go outside in an enclosure with tree's for them to lounge on. They are well fed, well cared for and well loved. None of those cats feel the trauma of being in a cage or in a shelter. Also the people who work there are NOT judgmental. I got to take Snoopy home the day I went in there and saw him. He was a pedigree Blue Point Siamese, just a kitten, and I guess the previous owners couldn't keep him because of a family allergy. They paid money to send him to the Cat Sanctuary or Cat Protection Society, and I was lucky enough to find him. I had to sign a paper that I would give him back to them, if I couldn't keep him, and I filled out a form, but there was no one talking down to me. Snoopy ended up living 20 years, and passed on a year and a half ago. I basically grew up with him, and I loved him more than life itself.

If I could find another shelter/rescue like that, then I would adopt from one of them. However, since I've become a full fledged adult, and here in Los Angeles, I've only come across the holier than thou type of places.

Here is a link to it. They are wonderful people there, and the cats are truly happy there.

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Mine came from a shelter.

We were treated very poorly at one shelter because we were not 100% certain keeping cats totally indoors was good for them. I'm still on the fence about that - although I do it more for my peace of mind. My thinking is that they are missing out on so much of life by not being able to go outside, and sometimes I feel really bad about denying it to them. But I couldn't open the door and let them out because I would be a nervous wreck about it. I used to be a nervous wreck if I didn't see Misty for a couple days - and she wasn't even my cat!

Anyway, we were a bit on the fence at the time, and were treated like we were total scum of the earth to even consider letting them go outside. we weren't even allowed to go back and look at the cats, just given directions to the ASPCA (or whatever) where they didn't "care" what you did once you adopted the cats. It seems to be almost a religion with some people, but they could have been a whole lot nicer about explaining their reasoning and maybe trying to "convert" us instead of just berate us.

Shortly after that, we decided that we wouldn't be able to let them go outside anyway for our own peace of mind, and went to a different shelter. They were wonderful, approved us the same day we sent in the application (in fact, called us almost immediately after I sent it online) and told us (as we were loading up the cats) that they had had no intention of letting us leave there without a couple cats! I have no idea how they would have treated us if we hadn't said we would keep them indoors.
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Yes I would. My mom and I just adopted a cat from the SPCA. We walked in, looked at cats, and filled out the adoption form. We had to wait a few days to take the cat home because he had to be neutered first, but there was nothing difficult about the process.

I have adopted many guinea pigs from the Prince William Animal Shelter. You walk in show your ID to prove you're 18 or older, and get a guinea pig. There is no adoption fee for small animals at that shelter. I adopted one of my current guinea pigs from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, and he cost $65 because he's neutered. For them I filled out the adoption form over the Internet, they approved it and sent me directions to a person's townhouse where they hold "Piggie Parties" - fosters bring their piggies so that potential adopters can meet them.
I met my piggie, signed the contract, filled out a check, and took him home the same day I went out there. They never did a home visit or anything, although there was a question on the adoption form "would you allow a home visit?". I will probably adopt most future piggies from the local pound, because I don't want to drive an hour and a half to somebody's townhouse when the pound is so much closer.
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All my animals have been from shelters. Rats, dogs, cats etc etc.

I do appreciate and acknowledge what breeders do for the animals (IE: Breed for good temperament, breed out illness etc) and that's lovely and I'm happy for the people who want pure breeds.

But for me, I get from rescues because there are so many unwanted needy animals being put to sleep every day because they have no one to love them.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
In theory, yes absolutely. In practice, when I tried I found it impossible. I live on the 2nd floor and have no direct access to the outdoors, and here shelters require that the cat is indoor/outdoor, and a home visit is made to check that you have a garden and catflap. I know some of you in the US will find this incredible, but I think fail to realise quite how big a cultural belief it is that cats should be allowed access to the outside, and that to keep them indoor only is cruelty. In the majority view, even an elderly cat should have access to a safe garden to potter around in and lie in the sun. I do not have that facility!
Hi Epona....that the absolute opposite opinion than here in the USA...here they want you to keep your cat indoors only.

Since I volunteer with a rescue group I would absolutely adopt when Tigger and Habenaro cross the rainbow bridge. However I'd adopt adults since I've seen fabulous adults overlooked for kittens.

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Of course I would! Ginger and Tiger are my first cats. They both were strays and wandered on our porch and we snatched them right up! When it's time for another cat, I would definitely go to a shelter or take another homeless kitty into my home.
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