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Flame Point Siameses

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About Flame points - Siamese that is... Cointreau looks like
an old style apple head, slightly stocky body Flame point.

He has faint red on ears, muzzle and legs, and a more
strongly marked ringed tail that seems slightly "short".

We know he comes from a feral colony where GRRRR
2 choclate/seals were trapped and Birman.

Question is: what are flame's temperments like?
This one is as sweet as sugar, after 6 days
he's come from hiding under the cabinet
terrified to asking for love pets!!!

He seems v. mellow but does want to be round
people or other cats. He doesn't like being
alone. He mews and talks to you to confirm
where you are, and then follows to be near you.

He purrs like mad. Can anyone tell me if this is
typcial of the flames? The Birman who was
trapped and the 2 Siamese choco points
were quite feral and not nice, per the care
taker of the colony. BTW she does not know
where the Flame points came from (who is Mom

Any input would be nice...

Thanks! I can post pictures to Flickr once I create
an account or I can put on blog. If anyone
wants to see.

Oh, and we are looking for a good home. Little boy
was ear tipped because they were going to
re release but took pity on him cause of his beautiful
looks. If not pure bred, he's still a lovely lovely
looking guy!! And those blue eyes, LOL.

A real lover boy.
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Does sound like he's got a bit of the Siamese personality, doensn't it? Siamese are very, very attention-demanding and vocal.

I bet somebody dumped their unaltered Siamese, and you are getting the kittens

I'm glad this one is friendly enough to be adopted, though. It sounds like a very nice cat, and pretty too. Pretty cats get adopted first, so that's one thing it has going for it, at least.
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My Flame Point Siamese Cinnamon passed away just over one year ago. He was 14 years old, and his temperament was very similar to your Cointreau (btw – that’s a GREAT name). Like your baby, Cinny also had an old-style apple head. His red markings were very vibrant and he did not have a short tail.

His temperament was absolutely lovely – a real “love sponge.” He was incredibly passive, extremely vocal and had endless energy. He really didn’t mind being alone, that I could tell. But he was always happiest when someone was with him. He purred so much that he drooled.

I have always had Siamese males and never noticed a difference between the various colors I’ve owned (seal, chocolate, flame, lilac). So, it sounds to me like you have a typical Siamese in your home now.
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Siamese are very people oriented and usually very vocal. BTW its called "red point" - not flame point.

IMO the red point is the same as being a red tabby. I love the red boys - they are goofy and fun and loving.

Point color on a siames has nothing to do with the personality - they are all siamese
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
IMO the red point is the same as being a red tabby. I love the red boys - they are goofy and fun and loving.
Yep I agree with that. Kingston is very loving and very vocal and he is not a Siamese. And follows me around and he does not like being alone. I always hear this about red males for any breed.
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This whole red point vs. flame point thing seems rather confusing. So I did a quick visit to CFA's web site.

Siamese - no recognised red or flame point for showing.

Oriental Shorthair - recognises red points.

Colorpoint Shorthair - recognises red points.

Persian/ Himalayan - recognises flame points.

So basically if the cat is shorthair then the color is called red point and if it is longhair then it is called flame point. I'm using this to referr to the coat color pattern not whether or not a cat is pure bred. Mix breeds can inherit this pattern just like tabby or tuxie or tortie, etc. or black or red for that matter.

This is current 2007 show divisions. Years ago, 20 or more?, orientals and more recently colorpoints were given their own breed status. I don't breed or show so I may have some mistakes here, but this is my understanding based on the breed standards.
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Much easier over here, they are all called red point.

I don't believe OSH's come in points though.
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On CFA's Oriental Shorthair page there is a photo of a seal tortie lynx point and white longhair Oriental - now that's confusing!
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I think that here (and possibly in the UK) a pointed OSH would be a Siamese. Long haired Orientals are Javanese.

To the OP, I look forward to seeing pics of you boy
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Flame point is usually only used for pointed himalayans (persians). The shorthairs use "red point".

In CFA you have siamese in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac points.
Any other color points would be considered a "colorpoint".

In ACFA/TICA, the siamese are all in one group no matter if its the traditional 4 colors or the red/cream/tortie/lynx points.
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To the OP, have you tried contacting Siamese Cat Rescue Center in VA? They are near you and may be willing to take him if he's not too mixy looking. Would love to see pics of him!!

The link to SCRC is in my sig.
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If you think the "longhair" oriental is confusing in CFA, try having the Exotic SH cats in with the Persians/Longhairs and annoucing "this is my Best LH Cat" when its a shorthair
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
I think that here (and possibly in the UK) a pointed OSH would be a Siamese. Long haired Orientals are Javanese.

To the OP, I look forward to seeing pics of you boy
Here in the UK under GCCF rules we have Siamese which are colourpoint, Oriental Shorthair which are any other colour/pattern except white, and Foreign White which are white with blue eyes. The longhaired versions are Balinese (longhaired Siamese) and Oriental Longhair. To confuse the matter slightly more, our Havanna has a different breed number, but is actually just a chocolate Oriental, the name was kept for historical reasons as it's the oldest type of OSH and the name was chosen before other OSH colours existed! We don't have Colourpoint SH or Javanese- either the colour is accepted or it isn't, and new colours in Siamese or Oriental are accepted once they've been through assessment.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Foreign White which are white with blue eyes.
Oh I forgot to mention the Foreign Whites
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