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I just wanted to share a story about my cute kitties

I have 2 parakeets and 3 cats. Which might sound like trouble lol But actually we have no trouble at all. I am sure they that sadly if they were not in a cage in the same room as the kitties there would be no more birdies but we just don't do that lol

When we first got Kisa she tried going after them quite a bit. Jumping up to where their cage is. But we just moved them to where she couldn't get to them. She is a bad jumper so that helps lol. She can't jump up to them even though the other kitties can.

Kami completely ignores them. Has not even the slightest interest. Which she is the cat that used to be outdoors and has very sadly killed birds before. So she either knows they are off limits or that she can't get them in the cage lol

But my little Keeba thinks they are the greatest thing on earth! He acts like such a child. He has jumped up once or twice but mostly behaves himself. He will sit in front of the dresser looking up at them and look over at us and meow. Like omg do you see them! lol Whenever I feed them he rushes over and rubs against my legs purring and meowing until I pick him up He even will sometimes just ask to be picked up when we walk by their cage lol

He makes us pick him up so he can watch them lol We don't let him touch the cage just watch. It is so so adorable how excited he gets and happy that we let him

And no worries about the birds, the silly things love cats. They always have. Whenever a cat would get near thier cage they will jump over to the side near the cat and get all chirpy and happy trying to talk to the kitty!

They have even been known to make the sound I make to call the cats lol!
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We used to have 2 birds, a budgie who died a few months ago at 11 1/2 yrs old. My cat Blossom when she was a kitten would sit by his cage & try to get at him. The other bird was a rainbow lorikeet that lived in an aviary down the back yard. When my husband brought him inside Blossom would watch from a distance. He died a couple of weeks after Bluey. Birds are such interesting, funny characters.
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I'd watch the cat that "ignores" - he's planning dinner - you just don't know it
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I'd watch the cat that "ignores" - he's planning dinner - you just don't know it
My sisters boy Evil Sebastian would ignore the birds, they were loose in the bathroom one day when someone careless let Seb in and he ate them both. He'd been around them loose before apparently and ignored them.
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