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Blind Cat moving in problems

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Hi My Daughter has just moved back home bringing her two cats, One of which is blind and also has a little brain damage, she runs around and finds her way around her house, she has settled in very well after just two weeks, we also have our own 13 year old cat, they have all made friends, although the blind cat (tigger) only wee's and Poo's on newspaper, although in the same area, I need to get her to use the litter tray, but she does not like the feel of the litter (any litter) any suggestions appreciated,Thanks
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What litter was the blind cat using before? Maybe (if she likes paper) you can line the litter pan with paper towels rather then newspaper.
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Can you try shredding paper & put that in the litterbox? Once she gets used to that....slowly start to add litter in. She may not use a LB because they are hard to get in/out of....make sure you have one with very low sides for her.

Have you tried a very soft litter such as Swheat?
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Maybe this would be a good situation for Cat Attract litter?? It has an odor that attracts cats and entices them to use it.
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Maybe the litter isn't stable enough under her feet.

I agree with the poster who said try putting newspaper in a litter box, shredded or otherwise.
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Maybe start the box with flat paper, then add shredded and so forth...

Maybe try a rolled paper litter so it'd smell similar? I dunno.
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Gosh, I don't know what it is with blind cats and litter box problems. I had to go through about 6 months of fighting with my blind cat to get her to use the litter box properly.

Have you tried tearing up newspaper and putting it in a litter box. This way the cat can still use what he is used to and you can slowly wean him into using the litter box.

Another thing, you have to be careful about the litter you put in the box evently. It can be strongly scented, blind cats are sensitive to smells. Leya will not use Feline Pine, it is strong and it does feel funny so I didn't blame her. Just stick to regular litter with no extra scent release or "fancy" things like that.
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Also, they make a litter called "Yesterday's News". It's news paper made into pellets like the feline pine. Our cats didn't like it because it's just big enough or small enough to fight between their toes. They would shake their paws and pellets would fly all over the house.
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