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Please Help Me!

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Hi there! Anyone who could give me some advice? I would greatly appreciate it as i am really worried and could do with some advice from fellow cat lovers!
My cat Bob is 15 years old. He started behaving very strange @ 6 month ago. It started with coughing nose problem. I went to the vet and he said that it could be polyps and he did advise for surgery but he said that it will be a very long process and with much discomfort and lack of quality life for my Bob. I ruled that out.
He gave him some pills and the combination of those brought him in the clinic for a night. I stopped trusting the vet. Since then Bob has changed. He still eats ok (big eater) but he does strange things with the water. He putts his paw in the bowl and splashes water all over and he licks the water off the floor. He does this a lot (drinks too much water). He also makes a slurp sound when he licks and drinks the water (same when he eats). He started to be unclean. He does not use the litter most of the time.
He does not clean himself too often. I think all of this strange behavior has to do with the fact that his nose is constantly plugged. Sometimes when he sneezes, blood comes out. He lost some weight but his eyes are still clean and bright. He is still alert and he still tries to play with a string.
I see all this problems but I do not know what to do and above all I am not sure if he is in pain. But even if he is not in pain other question arise. Is Bob leaving a quality life? How can I be sure that is time for Bob to go to sleep? I am not sure that this is the right decision. Bob is part of my family and I hate to see him this way but also the thought of final goodbyes is killing me How can I be sure this decision is the right one? Please help with some advise.
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He should have some senior blood work if it hasnt been done in the last six months
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Sounds like multiple problems. He could have diabetes (the water drinking all the time) or kidney/liver problems.

He needs to see a qualified vet for a complete check up. Not using the litter pan could spell death if he's got a UTI and can't pee. Not washing is also a sign of being unhealthy.
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I agree with a vet trip. Since you aren't happy with your vet, perhaps you can find a different one?
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Most definitely Bob needs to see a good vet. I'd definitely find another vet and take him in ASAP.
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i agree... new vet time...
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I'm with the others, I'd find a good vet and get a second oppinion. And deffinately see that they do the senior blood work. I know how hard it is to see a kitty you've loved for so long get sick.
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I will add my voice to everone else's - get Bob to the vet quickly. And keep us posted!
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Yeah, totally switch vets... Find somebody who'll clue you in about everything, not just recommend this and that without giving you the info. A vet who treats cats primarily is best--a dog lover often sees cats as a "sideline" business!
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