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Too bad to endure

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Hi all,

It's been a long time since I've written about the status of my fighting cats, but I thought I would give an update. My male cat keeps "beating up" my smaller, female cat, and it's gotten so bad that we've decided one of them would be happier in a different situation. She is much more attached to us and has only known us since she was 6 weeks. She relies on us much more for affection, etc. Our male cat lived almost the first year of his life without us, and adjusts much better to new people. He is VERY friendly and we know he would love affection from anyone. We feel he would also do better without any other cats. So I am asking if anyone knows anyone near the Indianapolis, IN area that would want a companion sort of cat. He might also do well if he were able to go outside maybe out in the country where someone has some land that is safe. I know this might sound strange, trying to find a home for our cat online, but we don't exactly know a lot of cat lovers that don't already have cats.

Thomas is a healthy tabby cat that is 2 1/2 or so. He welcomes everyone that walks through the door and always asks to have his belly pet.


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You can try putting an ad on www.petfinders.com. They have a place there for placing classifed ads for free.

Ask for an adoption fee. It keeps away scam artists and people wanting free cats to use in dog fights.

There is also Craigslist you can put ads in to as well but I have found you may get more sketchy people answering those ads.

I hope you find him a nice home. I am sorry to hear they are not getting along.
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You can also call the local humane society or shelter. I know that in some places, they will put your pet up for adoption without you actually bringing it in, i.e. you keep it until they can find a home for it.

You also might want to add something to your post here that lets people know where you are.
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poor kitties...
I recently had to re-home our kitty Pita for the same reason.
She was a stray that had been living on this property (new home) for a long time and she would run my cat Bea off anytime she saw her...

It was awful! thank god my mom could take Pita in...
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I really appreciate your suggestions....I am going to try them out. We love Thomas Kittens, but we have to put him in a room away from Lily so often, that I feel bad. If I can find him a home where he can have more room and not be holed up in an office all the time, I think he will be happier. We know Lily will miss him.

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