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His Exalted Highness Duke Riley the Unlikely of Lardle St Earache

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I just had to do my brother and SIL's cats too:

Jack: His Noble Excellency Jack the Precocious of Fishkill St. Wednesday

Dori: Imperial Duchess Dori the Strange of Withering Glance
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Farley Milord Earl Farley the Disappointing of Nether Wombleshire

Anastasia Lady Anastasia the Cannibalistic of Chalmondley Chumleyton

Demetri Milord Sir Lord Demetri the Ingenious of New Scagglethorpe
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Baron Peedoodle the Implacable of Fishkill St Wednesday

Earl Kahu the Mirthful of Wallop upon Deane

Milady the Right Reverend Kellye in the Middle of Herring-le-hole

They all sound so stupid!
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Her Excellency Beauty the Undefeated of Much Moulding upon Carpet

Imperial Majesty Patches the Unhyphenated of Heffton St Mallet

Milady the Most Honourable Luna the Sheepish of Withering Glance

Milord Earl Whitey the Antediluvian of Lower Wombleshire

Milady the Most Honourable Jenney the Free of Chalmondley Chumleyton
(I can't even pronounce that last two words!)

The Right Reverend B the Omnipresent of Melbury Bubblewick
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His Excellency Popsie the Furtive Piddletrenthide on the Carpet
This is quite accurate cuz he has peed on the carpet

Mine is Venerable Lady Amy the Dejected of Porton Down. Whatever that means
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Duchess Farrah the Recumbent of St Winifred by Winchelsea

Very Lord Spot the Indecisive of Throcking by Hampton

Her Most Serene Highness Lady Princess Poops A Lot the Careless of Goosnargh Leering

These are crazy!!
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Milord Sir Lord Ox the Glutinous: of Lower Bumhampton
Countess-Palatine Grizzlie the Villainous of Hardy St Thomas
Lady Bobber the Precocious of Brompton Underfoot
His Excellency Bakker the Malleable of Yockenthwait Walden

Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Gail the Brobdingnagian of Similar Ealand
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Cleo - Her Most Serene Highness Lady Cleo the Unique of Happy Bottomshire

Maggie - Very Lady Maggie the Bewildered of Porton Down (I've always said Maggie is clueless....)

Lola - Duchess Lola the Fiendish of Chignall Smeally (how appropriate!)

Me - Honourable Lady Kelli Jo the Nefarious of Chalmondley St Peasoup (I'm can I be honourable and nefarious at the same time?)
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Here's mine:

Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Linda the Spurious of Mousehole by Sea

Countess-Palatine Ariel the Superficial of Much Moulding upon Carpet

Count-Palatine Chester the Splendid of Barton in the Beans (this should be Nala's; her nickname is Beans!)

Venerable Lady Nala the Extemporaneous of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (what the?!?! How on earth do you pronounce that!! )

Her Exalted Highness Duchess Piper the Abstemious of Helions Bumpstead

Very peculiar indeed!
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Velvet: Her Excellency Velvet the Glutinous: of Tempting St Mary
Isabella: Grand Duchess Isabella the Talkative of Lower Slaughter
Jasmine:Her Excellency Jasmine the Carnivorous of Peevish St Victor
Kojak: The Most Honourable Kojak the Eldritch of Hopton Goosnargh

Fosters: The Right Reverend Fosters the Mirthful of Studley Roger
Whiskey: His Noble Excellency Whiskey the Lackadaisical of Londinium-le-Thames

Me: Milady the Most Honourable Lydia Nichole the Ebullient of Menzies on the Minges

Colin: Lord Colin the Excited of Deep Throcking
(oh my word! what is THAT supposed to mean)
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