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New Kitten

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Hi everyone,

Well, after posting last week regarding Tigger's tumors and his crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I decided to go to the shelter and adopt a new kitten. He is a beige and white Tabby. I have never seen one like this before! He is 3 months old and boy is he a little terror! His name is now Cheeto! He is so playful and fun and I made sure he didn't have any health issues when I adopted him. They gave me some cream for his eyes cause they said he has conjunctivitis.

Here is my question: His paws, ears, nose, mouth and eyelids are all this same color pink. Could it be possible that this is just his normal eye lid color and not an infection? It doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Thanks everyone.
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This is very normal. If you look at most cats, thier paw pads match all of soft tissue on the body. There's a few exceptions, but this sounds normal to me. It sounds like you might have a red tabby or a cream.
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as your kitten is light colored, he is not likley to have any dark markings around the eyes or mouth. I can't wait to see photos!
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I hope your new furbaby will help to heal the pain of your recent losses and bring you many years of joy!!!
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