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Pee, Pee everywhere

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Hello all, I have a major urine problem with one of my cats. I have 3 cats, 2 females 1 male all spayed/neut/declawed. The male Pee's everywhere, today he pee'd on our water bed which is about the last straw. Ive tried everything short of keeping it constantly drugged, we have 5 litter boxes all cleaned daily and infact i cleaned the boxes after this last incident and 2 have fresh unused litter in it. Had the urinetrack check, i live in the sticks so the vet here is about useless on suggestions, ive even tried keeping the cat isolated with its own litter box. Which he'll poop in, then pee on the floor 2 feet away from it. I clean all the spots(rarely the same spots in anycase) with nature's miracle ive tried feliway and just about every over the counter training product available. i used to think it was a texture thing cause he only did it on carpets for the longest time but now its everywhere right in the middle of wood floors even in high traffic area.

any help would be great, thanks for your time
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Unfortunately, declawing cats can cause serious behavior problems down the road, and inappropriate urinating CAN be one of them. That may be the reason.

You may want to try changing cat litter to something softer on the paws.

Or, give him a litter box to pee in that has NO litter in it. A couple of TCSers have cats that have this issue - they would rather go on a smooth surface than in litter, so they have empty litter trays for peeing in and clean them several times a day.
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right now i use scoop away mutli cat formula, any suggestions about what to switch to that would be carried at one of the larger commerical chains?

i should note that when we've caught him in the act he paws/digs the carpet or area just like cats normally do in the litter box something ive always found odd about it.
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You might try just using shredded newspaper. It will be easier on the declawed paws than litter.
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My cat was declawed - yeah, I know wrong, wrong thing to do, but 13 years ago I didn't know any better and the vet said it was OK to do for an inside cat.

My cat had the litter box problems at first and the newspaper shreds didn't work either - he would go in the bathtub!

Here's what I figured out, the clumping litter was hurting his paws, it would clump between the little pads of his feet.

I swiched to the unscented clay litter and the problem was gone, overnight!

To keep the clay litter fresh, I do a complete change out a couple of times a week - it's cheap anyway so I figure the cost isn't that bad.

You might want to try the unscented clay litter - it's easier on the declawed paws.
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Did you say he was at the vet, and has no infection or crystals? Is the volume of urine a lot? How many times a day?
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