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Cats, rabbits and Snowmobiles...

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Growing up my parents had a camp that was 14 miles in on an unmaintained dirt road. We are all die hard country people and were at the camp any chance we got... Well through the winter we could only drive a few miles in before we had to park the vehicles and take snowmobiles the rest of the way. My parents never believed in leaving the pets home alone. So they all came with us. We had this big ole coon cat named mittens. He'd been going to camp with us since he was just a baby and loved it there. My dad had a sled that he put on the back of the biggest snowmobile. He had built the sides all up with plywood to protect who or whatever was being carried in the sled. This is where we kids rode... with the animals... The dogs were pretty easy. Just tell them to get in and off we'd go. The cat... and the rabbit used to ride in seperate pillow cases. We would hold open the pillow case and they would just walk/hop right into it. Then my Mom and I would each take one, zip them in under our jackets so that their heads were popped out just a little... and we'd ride that way for the remaining 11 miles into the camp.
I don't know why... but I woke up this morning thinking about that and thought I would share it with you guys... Anyone else have some cute "traveling with animals" experiances???
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Awww what a neat story. I bet the kitty and bunny looked so cute with their little heads sticking out of your jackets. Wish you had pics. What a nice memory.
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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
Wish you had pics.
Me too!!! And you know... my Mom might have some hidden away in the vault...lol I'll have to ask her. If she does I'll scan them and put em up... It was a good 20 years ago though so who knows...
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