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Crazy Storm

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We had a crazy thunder storm today. It rained soooo hard, was coming down so fast that I heard the rain moving up the mountain before I even saw it. Thank god i was able to get up fast enough(just had surgery 2 days ago) to close all the windows. I took a video to show my boyfriend how much rain we got in a short time. This is what happened after maybe 5 short minutes and it rained for at least 20 minutes like this. If you look closely you can see the water just ripping down the hill. Also "the whiner" had to get himself heard on camera. We have a hill in front of our apartment. Sorry its not the greatest I have a simple digital camera nothing fancy. Enjoy!

and heres a pic of the mountainside in between the heavy rains. The steam was just floating off the side and as you can see the trees are starting to change...very slowly.
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Wow, it's really coming down! Haven't had a rain like that here in quite a while.
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