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Need advice with kitten diarrhea...

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My family and I have a few outdoor cats living on our farm with us, as well as two inside. I'm not exactly sure when these ones were born, but it can't be more than a couple weeks. About four days ago I noticed they were crying all the time. Their mother was already pretty fickle with us, shying away from almost everyone, all the time, and I realized quickly after checking on them that they were very bony, unclean, and clearly hadn't been fed in a while.

No matter what else I tried to think about, I couldn't just leave them outside to starve. What with it starting to get chilly at night, I knew I'd need to bring them inside anyway.

So, I went out and bought Just Born kitten formula, a bottle with five different nipples, and some cleaning rags.

I think they're just, just now starting to grow teeth, so that makes it about three/four weeks old? I don't know, they seem younger than that.

They're doing fairly well, actually, all things considered. Caught on to the bottle feedings nicely. Usually it takes a minute or so to get the idea back that they should suck on it, but it was going very well until today.

After feeding them I always rub their bellies slowly, for about a minute, and clean them gently with a warm, damp rag. The heating pad and newspaper in their box is comfy enough, but I've noticed they're not having hard stools any more.

I don't think they're old enough to switch foods, and I'm very scared. The biggest problem is that we don't have enough money to pay for a 100 dollar vet visit... I don't want anything to happen to them, they've suffered enough. What do I do?

I'm making sure right now that they have plenty of water to drink. They're still too young to drink from a bowl, so I've been using a syringe and feeding it to them that way.

If there's anything else I can tell you about it, please let me know. I need any and all advice I can get, as soon as possible.

-M. in MO
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They might have coccidia. Its really nasty and they need to be seen by a vet. Treatment is easy. Keep them away from your other cats! I just saw you said you didnt have money for a vet. You might call around to different rescues in your area. I know the rescue I work with will let the owners foster kittens as long as they get mama fixed and they will give all the vet care. Or they might have a foster home open for t hem.
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Thank you for the advice, I'm looking in to that right now.

As of today I've seen one hard stool, so that's great.

I really want to see these guys make it, and I'm going to do everything in my power to see to that.

I've actually never seen cats like this before. They're just like our other tabby/tiger cats, but instead of shades of orange or gray, they're white and blonde.
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I'm sad to say one of the little blonde babies didn't make it. He passed away about fifteen minutes ago. I gave him all the water I could, but he stopped trying to feed and I couldn't keep him going. Passed on right in my hands.

I know I did everything in my power, but I feel awful and I can't stop crying.

The other two are doing very well, no more diarrhea, growing and eating...

I just wish my dad and stepmom would've had these outdoor cats fixed so none of this would have happened. They were at work when it happened and I had to bury him myself. I'm a wreck.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP baby.
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That's so sad, but you did everything you could. It's good the other ones are still around, that way you know you helped them
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I'm so happy today, actually!

They're both growing a lot, much faster than I thought, and already starting to play with my fingers and sleep on my lap.

Hard stools a plenty!

(Never thought I'd be happy to say that! :P)

Couldn't get a very good picture because they're so active!
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How sweet! I am so sorry for the loss. . .But congrats on two healthy babies! They are cute!
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