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Told you he whines

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Worm thought I had something in my hands that he wanted and i caught him WHINING, thought i would share. This is what i hear all day long throughout the apartment. Turn up the volume

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He sounds just like my lily,hes gorgeous!
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Oh drat i'll have to wait until i get home tonight to hear him
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Awww, what a sweetie!
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Awwww what a cute little whiner. I love a talker.
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That is Carly at dinner time. You wonder how they don't get hoarse or a sore throat when they go on like that.
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lol very cute,
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Aww that's cute, no where near whining though, just insistant
I have a real whiner here, does the same thing, but he has the most annoying voice, reminds me of a little human girl whining to get her way.
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hahaha. reminds me of kink and merlynn. i have a full fledged orchestra playing at breakfast and dinner.
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Oh so cute! Mooch does that too! Maybe it's a tuxie thing? I seem to know some other whiner/talker tuxies!
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OMG how could you resist that adorable face?! I think the 'talking' is cute. You do keep up your side of the conversation don't you?
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Tiny just gave the computer such a dirty look! Like, "I can't believe that cat is being so undignified!" (Tiny hardly ever mews. But then, he also makes a fool of himself over catnip...)
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He is gorgeous! Definitely a whiner
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
That is Carly at dinner time. You wonder how they don't get hoarse or a sore throat when they go on like that.
Firefox is like this at 'wet food time', too. she hasn't learned like Chip & Cable that yelling about it doesn't make it come any faster...
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Wow...what pretty coloring on him!!

I'm so glad my cat isn't the only one who cries like that...I thought maybe something was wrong with her, o maybe she needed something...nope, she's just a "talker"
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omg that's too funny...
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i definately talk back to him i just wanted everybody to hear him w/out me talking back. He does that all the time. Wet food time is even worse. He will trip you and try to kill you just to get the wet food. Thank you everybody for checking him out hes my little talking monster.
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Awwwww he is one gorgeous little whiner!!!!

All my kids were upstairs in bed, and they came running down as soon as they heard him. I'm sure they were concerned about him so i had the camera ready.

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omg, that's so cute and hilarious..i had to hear it to see what you mean!!!
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That's just like Rocket, though his voice is a little lower in pitch, little louder in volume, and even more whiney. He paces back and forth from one end of the house to the other complaining all the time. Frankly, it irritates me because I don't know what he wants. Fortunately, he sleeps a lot.
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Angel came running to my speakers! It sounds like all he says is "Me me me!"
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