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I need Rabies information

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I recently purchased a former championship himalayan. He was very badly matted,dirty, and had sores under his coat. He hadn't been well taken care of. I took him to the vets who gave him a clean bill of health but suggested grooming and antibiotics. When I had him groomed he bit the groomer. She sedated him to finish the job. No one at the vets told me about the incident. Anyway the groomer called our local health unit (but didn't even tell me she had been bitten) who has quarantined the cat. I was told when I bought him that he had his shots and upon checking I found that rabies wasn't one of them.Wouldn't the vet have noticed signs of rabies when I took him in? I am trying to get hold of the previous owner for confirmation of rabies shots. The sores completely disappeared after he was shaved and bathed. What I need to know is if rabies shots should be done every year with the rest of the shot? and are sores on their skin a sign of rabies? I really hate having to keep this poor guy separated from us, he has been through so much already
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The sores are not a sign of rabies. Rabies vaccines are administered at 12-16 weeks old, given again 1 yr after that, and then the next shot is good for 3 yrs. If you keep up with these shots the next rabies vaccine administered is good for another 3 yrs.

I would go and have a talk with your vet and ask why you were not informed about your cat biting the groomer. The health department is quartining your cat for safety measures. He more than likely doesnt have rabies but if they suspected he did, they would of already put him to sleep. To test for rabies they have to decapitate and send the head out for testing. Rabies is a neurologically disorder. Your cat hasnt been acting strange, excessive salivating, or trying to attack for no reason?!? If no your safe the health department is just following nationwide protocol. He got a little upset and let the groomer know how he felt, she just wasnt fast enough to avoid the jaws of death. He should be fine, dont worry to much. Good luck and let us know when he comes home.
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I imagine the sores are from his coat being so badly matted. He was probably grouchy from being so badly matted, thats like his fur being constantly pulled on. I am surprised that a champion cat was allowed to get in that kind of shape. I know they have the kind of coat that mats easily but that sounds like an extreme case that had gone on for a long time. I know the normal quarantine here in the States is ten days and once that time is up he will be home with you.
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A routine vet visit would not show any "signs" of rabies. Its rare that the cat would have it anyway if it was indoors. Anyway its recommended that shots (including rabies) be given every 2-3 yrs - not yearly anymore.

If you cannot provide proof of rabies vaccinations and after the quarentine period, then get him revacinated.
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