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Update on Pickles

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Hi all just wanted to stop in and say Pickles is still doing well. It will be 3 years since we found out he had squamous cell carcinoma (I believe it was back in Nov. 04), I won't write too much, if you want to read about it just type in the search box squamous cell carcinoma and I am sure you will find the threads. Well he seems well, although he now has a lump just alittle under the size of a tennis ball on his side, it doesn't seem to bother him you can touch it, and he doesn't chew on it, so I am praying he is ok. (we have decided he has been through enough and are just keeping him home instead of being picked at by the vet, he just was very traumatized with all he went through). He is our little furry miracle. I am just glad that there is a place like this to share our stories. I believe he is 12 now (not sure how long a cat can live, but he has definitely beat the odds) I sometimes wonder if he is in any pain, but people here have told me I will know, he eats, sleeps and still plays and runs around, but it alittle more cuddly (which I don't mind). I just want to "Thank" Everyone here for all you prayers and for listening. You have been a great support to me, and I am forever thankful.

Thanks Again
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that is a good New!!!.....
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I am going to ask a TCS Mod to move this thread to the Health Forum so that more members will know how well Pickles is doing.

Thanks for the update...
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