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bottle feeding

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this is not working for me!! i bought a bottle with 5 diff nipples, and i picked the smallest one and cut an x in it, but its just not working!! the kitten wont take to it, he wont even try!! are there any other ways to feed kittens? i need some help here fast!! thanx in advance!!
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I am currently taking care of a week old kitten so I understand your frustration completely! My kitty didn't want to nurse with a bottle in the beginning too and it takes a lot of patience and encouragement from your part.

Try to open the tiny mouth with your fingers, not so hard but just tug it a little, rub the throat and gently place the nipple onto its mouth. It might not suck at first but make sure you tug the nipple in and out of its mouth a few times. Soon, it will get the hang of it and suck vigorously. Good Luck!
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And if they still don’t suck it then use a dropper this might be more convenient for them. At least for now.
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Everything I read about bottle feeding all said to not nurse like a baby, but to have kitty on its stomach to feed. I found this difficult to do b/c Blossom woudn't take the nipple & I couldn't find her mouth so I had her nearly resting against my chest upright. This was more helpful in finding her mouth b/c she didn't particularly like the bottle & would get frustrated when the bottle collapsed & the milk wouldn't come out. As mentioned you can try a dropper & I've read about tube feeding but I think a vet has to put the tube down the kitten's neck.
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I held Lucky kind of upright in my hand, then put her down a bit after I got her latched onto the nipple,
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