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Advice needed

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Hi everyone. My neighbor across the street came over yesterday and asked if I could watch her 2 little girls because she had to take her 17 year old cat to be put to sleep. She was very upset. What is appropriate to get her for her loss?
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Well...the first gift you are giving her is by watching her girls for her while she goes....

I'm guessing that her cat was ill????

If you are talking about buying her a gift. One thing I did once was framed a picture of my friends pet inside an 8 X 10 frame and had a nice poem underneath the picture.

I'm not really sure what else to answer...I don't know what can be given to replace a pet other than compassion, friendship and lending an ear to her. Not everyone understands how hard it is to lose a pet. She'll probably just need someone who listens to her and supports her during this time.

Good luck.

Sending prayers to kitty.
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Yes the cat was ill, he was urinating and pooping all over he had no control and could not walk.

Thanks for the ideas.
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If you go to this link and look up Grief and Bereavement, you will see websites that can give you good ideas with how to deal with her and what she is about to experience. 17 years, she is to commended for giving this cat a wonderful life!

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when my mother-in-law's cat died[she was in the hospital with a broken hip] all she wanted was to have her cat cremedted,and put into her casket,we had the vet do this,and when she is gone the cats ashes will go with her.The vet had them put into a glass box,sealed tight. I wonder if this women thought ,if this is what she would like done.
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I think watching her girls, giving her hugs, and understanding how much her kitty meant to her would be so much! Losing a companion of 17 years is so difficult!
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They make cards for people who have lost a pet. I think a card would be a nice . I've seen them at Petsmart and some major grocery stores also carry them. It's so sad to lose a loved one.
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A year passed since my kitty lives only in my heart...When I lost my 2 months old kitten named Avoska (she went out to our neighbours house when my mather-in-low closed the door) and accidentally touched the electrical wire), I felt like my life was over... And I am really thank my husbend now. Because he brought anothe little kitten. She grew up and became a very elegant cat. She is not alike Avoska at all. And she helped me to go through that very difficult period of my life.
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When my 18 year old cat died, my old petsitter sent my a card telling me how sorry she was for my loss. Believe it or not, that card meant more to me than just about anything, I guess because it made it clear that she knew how much I was hurting.

I agree that watching the children and giving her a hug and a shoulder to cry on are probably the best thing for her right now....but a card might be a nice addition.
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The hardest thing I ever had to do was send Leo to the Bridge. Just having my friend with me helped so much.
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