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Think kittens may be coming!

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Izobelle might be giving birth! She was freaked out this morning, and it's 3:30 now. She's like, pushing? And has what I consider the mucus plug (perhaps discharge) coming out. Soon as I noticed it I quickly (and gently) moved her into her kittening cage, because behind the couch is perhaps the draftiest place in the house. Her kennel doesn't have newspaper, only blankets, but in my defense, that was only because she thought newspaper was a more fitting litterbox medium than what we have. Good kitten vibes please!

Noticed discharge, slight pushing, trying to hide

Black, Healthy (turned out grey, i think!)

Tortie, Healthy

Orange, Healthy

Tabby, Healthy
Maybe female?

Orange, Healthy

Ahh, scratch it xD I noticed after birth one was a tortie, one a tabby.. so somewhere in those three black ones, is a tortie and a tabby!!

I have a birthing video of this (and believe me, it's clear) but i dunno if I want to post it, as it's graphic.
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What am I supposed to do after birth? Do I let her out? I have a feeling she'll move them and I don't want kittens all over the floor, but I can't fit a litter box or food in there.
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I'm glad to hear you had a healthy birth. I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer your questions.
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congrats on a beautiful litter
as long as you have everything in a quiet room she should leave them in the kenal drape a blanket over the kenal and give lots of kitten food
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Here's the weight.

1 day old (10-12-07)

[ Classic Tabby, Orange (Sebastien) ] 118.42g
[ Tortoiseshell (Sophie) ] 113.42g
[ Grey & White (Savannah) ] 106.42g
[ Mackeral Tabby, Orange (Shiloh) ] 113.62g
[ Tabby (Sydney - okay, so it's kind of a girlish name for a now boy) ] 113.82g


Warning, there's a birth video in here somewhere!

HAHAHAH! Greatest video, the kittens are fighting at not even one day old Turn on the sound if you wanna hear the icke squeals

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No do not let her out - keep her confined to one room with the kittens so she doesn't move them. I suggest you put some towels in a pillowcase so the kittens don't get their tiny claws caught in the towel and maybe get hurt.
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Cngratulations!!!. If you put the cage in a quiet room with the litter tray and LOADS of food. Drape a blanket over the cage to make it more cosey and open the door a bit so she knows she's not trapped. She'll stay in there with them most of the time because they almost contantly nurse. But can get out for some light relief. She should be happy for you to sit with her quietly alot.

Congats and good-luck
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The issue is she did not want to have them in there. She'll move them under the bed, I know it - now I don't have a problem with that, but I'm worried the kittens will get lost wandering around the room.
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Is she confined to a large cage/kennel now? If so, keep her in there. She can come out but do not let her take the kittens out. The more confined place you can fine, the better things will be. Otherwise she will be dragging those kittens around all the time.

I know most people don't expect to be raising a litter, but IMO if you have a pregnant cat, then before she has kittens, she should be confined to a cage/kennel at least 2 weeks before the kittens are due.
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Yes, she's in (i believe it is ) a medium sized dog crate, but it also has litter box in it, which makes it cramped. I'd let her out to poo/pee, but I'm afraid she would just be worried about her kittens and go back it.
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You may have done this but if not you might try... Placing something over the carrier maybe a blanket or towels something to make it feel more secure/protected to her. Put the carrier in a corner so that no one can approach her from all sides. This might help her feel that the carrier is the best place.

If this doesn't work I would try stuffing anything around and under the bed making it impossible for her to move the kittens there. I know that sounds impossible but you might have enough pillows or even boxes or something.

Good luck.
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Can you not put her in a bathroom or a utility room?

Once my kittens were born, Ziggy didn't mind anywhere I moved them too, except the living room where my 2year old often was (no suprises there)
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Congratulations on a healthy delivery! The babies are gorgeous!!
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what cute babies, and feisty too
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Can't put them in the bathroom, no room. The sides are covered but.. she still prefers the bed
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Todays weight;
Sebastien: 145.82g
Sophie: 145.92g
Sydney (is a girl!): 135.92g
Shiloh: 134.22g
Sam (was Savannah - found out he's a boy): 134.82g

Normal weights?
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And again.. this will be the last time I weigh them, as all we have is a gram scale and we can't afford anything else. And this is probably only estimative, they were too wriggly.

Sebastien; 184.42
Sophie; 179.9
Sydney; 168.9
Shiloh; 176.9
Sam/Savannah; 177.9
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