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Itchy Kitty

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My cat has an itchy ear or eye and we can't figure out why. We took him to the vet a bit more than a month ago, and they did not see anything wrong (thought it could be stress or behavioral??) My house was for sale and people were coming & going frequently, so he may have been stressed. But that was a month ago, he's definately no longer stressed! Yet he continues to scratch. What's going on!

We're thinking it could be an allergy, but i feed him nutro natural choice, and have been for several years... He does not act like he's in pain, and there is no visible scap or rash or anything like that. He just continues to scratch with his (declawed) back foot...

Can I wash his head, or use an anti-itch cream (that is for humans?)

i have a photo but i can't attach for some reason.
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forgot to say - he's pretty much gone bald in between his eye and ear from the scratching...
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Well, Mr. Brisket, I think your guess is probably right on target, as cats are much more sensitive than most humans, and having people trooping in and out of his environment is sure to be upsetting to him. Maybe if you could engage in some interactive play sessions with "fishing pole" type toys (such as Da Bird, Feline Flyer, or other similar) each day for 15 minutes or so, he'd expend some nervous energy and feel more serene. Patience, time, and love should help as well. Personally, I would not use anything but a cat-specific topical on him -- your vet might be a good place to start, as (s)he can tell you more about what may be causing the itchiness and probably prescribe something just right for healing it. Good luck to you both, and hope to see that pic soon (I know I have trouble posting pics according to the site regulations, too, but maybe you can get a siggy made with your cat's picture and put it up so it will show every time you post!)
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I've dealt with unexplained itching and hair loss by making a cat wear an e-collar. It could be a vicious circle type of thing: the cat's itchy so he scratches; the scratching irritates and so he itches. A week wearing an e-collar might break the cycle.
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