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Free Roam ??

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My fur babies are all around 8 weeks here next week (Coconut/Cumulous-Pumpkin will be 9 or 10 not sure..)

They are all doing great! Poop and pee in the box and no damage to anything.

They have been kept in the bathroom, with litter box, food, bed; We leave them out a lot and they do know to go back to the bathroom for potty from any room in the house.

I do not watch them like a hawk when they are out during the day because I have fur baby proofed (and close off parts) of the house. I know they are safe roaming in the areas they are in. And my house is not huge so I know where they are most of the time or where they like to nap if they are not napping in the bed or kitty tree. Or if myself or one of my human babies are not holding them I can also gather all of them together quickly if I ned to by tapping their food bowls...(instant kitty entourage)

Am I being too brave with them roaming so much freely? I think I *know* my kittens but I am wondering if it is OK at this point to let them out of the bathroom at night while we sleep. I would love to have them sleep with us in our bedroom....
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During the day exploring and some supervision is ok, but I would never leave 8 week old kittens unsupervised at night. Too much can happen and you won't be there to rescue them.

Charlie was almost 5 months old before he really was allowed total freedom during the day and nite.
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My babies are only almost 5 weeks and we give them free roam of the apt. Momma Cat and our other Cat keep a watchful eye on them. Also, it's seems almost weird but our babies like to sleep in the same little kitty bed together at night. When my boyfriend and I go to bed we bring them over to the bed(without actually putting them in there) and talk to them "like adults" telling them its bed time. We have a turn down light so we start turning it down and they just hop into bed and sleep.
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My guys get free rowm all day. But during the night, they stay in the living room/Kitchen and sometimes the hallway too, but all the other doors are closed (I have no stairs) Usually when I go out during the day, they stay in the living room/Kitchen and hallway.
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Well mine are out..They were hating being in the bathroom all night..they would dart out as soon as we opened the door to go pee in the middle of the night..the have the hall way kitchen and living room and some are now sleeping with us in the bedroom

Just what I wanted anyway...

I have a moses basket that they all sleep in and also put in the bedroom But, like I said, they have been hopping up and sleeping on me....

I have looked and relooked at all my rooms to be sure there is no possible trouble anywhere...
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Your house sounds exactly like mine. I think it was a couple of weeks of having the kitties (they were 12 weeks when we got them) before we started letting them out to roam in a larger area during the night, but we still don't let them out of their room while we're at work (their room has everything they need in). We've had them for 7 weeks now. Although saying that, we went away for 24 hours last weekend and we gave them the 'safe area' to roam in (the halls and their room). I think it's just whatever you feel comfortable with, and how you feel they would be while you weren't around to watch them 100%.
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Just saw your post above, sorry! I'm glad everything worked out well.
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