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New and exciting news about the Valentine thread!!!

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This is a great idea and thank you so much to Coco Maui for doing this wonderful thing!!!

I must admit my heart sank thinking of all the preparation going down the drain and also the disappointments all you members and most of all our love sick felines!!

Coco Maui you are an absolute angel and a Valentine saviour. Thank you a million times!

Now for those of you that wish to do E-Cards! You can use Coco Maui's email address to send them to but please please please make sure you tell her who it is from and who it is to!! (on all of them)

This is the message from Ginger (Coco Maui)

Hello! I have seen the problems that the Cat Site is having with pictures and the lack of bandwidth and thought I would offer to help. I have a way to link the Valentines to a webpage that has more than enough bandwidth to handle all of the images. People could email me their Valentine's and I can post them altogether on their own page. Tell me what you think about this idea. I hope this helps.

The sooner you can get them to Coco Maui the better so she isn't trying to do all of them at once the night before Valentine's Day. We won't reveal them until the 14th though

You can all send your Valentine emails to Valentines@KittyOats.Com it will go directly to Ginger that way.


You guys can do WHATEVER you want!!!! You can send E-cards, posters, photos, poems, anything your hearts (Or your cats) desire!!! There is no specific thing you have to do! It is up to you! Use your imagination (Or don't)

Please post any questions regarding this on here and Ginger and myself will help as much as we can! I hope this has cleared up a few things! Again thank you so much Ginger! :angel
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Wow! Thank you so much for your kind offer Ginger!
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Ginger, that makes my life a whole lot easier! I was beginning to sweat this thing. I'm getting more proficient, with this infernal machine but, I'm a long way from being a computer geek! Many thanks!!
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Thanks Bundylee!
I just wanted to bump this back up to the top so everyone could see how the Valentines are going to work now.

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Ginger - what a fabulous offer!!!!! Leslie & Ginger - THANK YOU!!!!!!

....and I wanted to add - I'm going to try to make my own card (will probably be more of a one page thing), but for those of you new to creating cards - ME TOO! So don't leave me being the only one potentially embarrassed!!!!!!
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*Bumpity Bump*

Ahhh Laurie we are all getting ours done professionally by graphic designers Mwahahahahahah!!!!!!!! You shall be giggled at for sure!!!!

Only joking! I am attempting to make my own too! So you will be with the most insane person on TCS for company hehehehe!!!! :tounge2:
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Yeah - but insanity goes hand in hand with creativity! I'm just a dull ANALyst - what imagination do I have??????
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Honey do I slap you now or later????? Is this coming from the same person who put together the most imaginative Santa parcel ever??? The person who is putting together a website??? Who is funny, witty and has great ideas all the time??? Really dear girl I must protest at your negativity! If you were closer I would have to slap you with some vegemite!!! :tounge2:
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LOL! Thank You for that confidence booster!!!!

oooo - forgot to mention - I LOVE vegemite!
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No more soup for you!!!!!!!
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Thank-you Coco Maui for everything you have done to help us! Perhaps in future events we could use your site to post cards again? You are too good! Thanks again, I'm emailing my cards to you now.

And Bundylee, if you have extra kitties who need partners, Roo and/or Tigger would be glad to help.
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I'm creating my own! We just post our home-made cards on TCS right?
I love creating graphics and I've already came up with the cutest cards!
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Originally posted by Crazy-Cat-Lover
I'm creating my own! We just post our home-made cards on TCS right?
I love creating graphics and I've already came up with the cutest cards!
Could you please read the first post LMAO!!!!!!!!!! all things go to Ginger!!!!!! :tounge2:
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*Bumpity Bump*
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bump again

I want to make sure everyone knows the procedure for sending in the cards. And, the sooner you send them to Valentines@KittyOats.Com, the better. When they are finished, please go ahead and email them to me so I can get them altogether So far I have 3 cards uploaded and they are terrific!!! The kitty recipients will be soo happy!!!

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I'll be sending mine once I finish the final touches!
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I've done and sent 2 so far!! Only 3 more to go *phew*
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I'm going to try to steal the computer from hubby this weekend and work on the cards.
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I've got one sent off!
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Keep 'em coming! They look GREAT so far
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You should have my re-vamped four in your box too.
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Just sent off 2 of my 4. I still need to work on the other 2. I was having so much fun I think I may have gotten a bit carried away.
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To all of you that have gotten your cards in to Ginger already thank you so much! It all helps to have it ready on time! I am so excited! I can't wait to see them all on the day!

I still have about 4 to go *phew* but am getting there!!! Lazlo and Tiki have 2 beautiful cards already and I am working on the others over the next couple of days! It has been so much fun searching the net for different themes and backgrounds! I have started to think more creatively and have really enjoyed this! I hope you all feel the same! If there is anyone struggling with this or feel pressured or don't really have much time please let me know ASAP so that we can help! It is better to let us know earlier rather than a day before it goes on air!

Good luck everyone! Have lot's of fun and the count down begins!

Those lucky lucky cats
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Yes, thanks for getting the Valentine's in, I have about 10 new cards in my inbox to upload tonight They all look GREAT
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I'm sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!
And I just can't hide it!!!!!!!!

I'm about to lose control!!!!!!!
And I think I like it!!!!!!!

Ooopsss I think I lost control long ago! *sigh*
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Waaaaaaaa Vikki it's isn't it isn't I just you know ...... had to break into song! I'm sorry! *gulp* No spaming I promise! Hey I am going to go have me some spam for lunch! I actually bought some today cause everyone keep mentioning it! Who says subliminal messages don't work! I am scared though, wish me luck! AND THIS IS NOT I REPEAT NOT A SPAM THREAD ......... so there!!
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Oh Lazzzzlllloooo....**Nakita's crying**

Leslie, can you send a couple of Harry's pic over to me? I need a couple for the card!

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