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Gravy on raw, other toppings?

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I thought I'd try adding some gravy to the raw I feed my kittens to make it more tasty, any thoughts on this? Anything I should stay away from? And does anyone know of any other toppings which might excite my kittens?
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I'm new to the raw feeding, infact I haven't got as far as just raw yet. I part cook it. I mix some boiled rice in with it and some soaked kibble for extra nutrients as she is only a kitten
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I tried feeding my kitty raw , she wouldn't eat it
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All I can think of, if it was me who tried that with the kitties, I'd end up with three kitties who'd completely forget that raw meat is for eating. They'd lap up the delicious gravy and then get to the cold, raw meat and shun it. Maybe Molly would eat the meat, because she loves to eat and she'll eat and eat and eat until I take food away from her. But Willow and Buffy, they're more spooky. I would be too afraid to change their meals for fear they'd stop eating their raw meat.

But if you added just a few drops of gravy, just to add a little flavour/smell to entice the kitty to eat, that could work. I've done that with Buffy back when I was trying to get her to eat raw, only I used small amounts of canned food instead of gravy.
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BLOOD .... fresher the better
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
BLOOD .... fresher the better
Can it be my blood? I'm afraid they might come to like it so much I'd become prey someday. Any other way to get it without cutting myself or buying meat?
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no the meat blood ... organs usually provide a nice amount_
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Any other way? Doesn't anyone sell it by the pint or something. And which animal blood do you think is best?
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I guess you could try a Vampire Hospital.
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Ok besides asking Dracula for directions and squeezing a beating heart, is there another way to get some blood?
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Maybe get a bloodier meat? It's just my limited experience, but of the pre-made raw I get, beef and bison (and other such hoofed animals) tend to be drier than chicken and turkey. But it also varies with the brands; Pets Go Raw tends to be really bloody regardless of meat (though, again, chicken will be bloodier than beef) and Arusha is drier than Pets Go Raw (chicken still being a little bloodier than beef). If I want to use a "gravy" on the meat as a treat, I simply spoon up the blood that pooled around the meat in the container.
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Have you tried searing the meat yet?
If you go to any grocery store and buy liver, it usually has a lot of blood in the package you can use to coat your meat. Liver is really inexpensive.
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Our cats will eat anything with parmesan cheese sprinkle on top. Ginger will also eat freeze dried chicken/liver.
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