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"Cabbits" and others...

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I hate to sound like an idiot and I'm not mocking anyone or trying to offend anybody here. But I'm a pet lover and have always been intrigued by those "weird" animals out there. So I figured I'd ask the experts. Is there such a thing as a half-cat/half-rabbit? I've heard other less like combinations like cat/squirrel and such. If anyone has any info on these unique creatures I'd really appreciate it. Any other unique pet suggestions welcome.
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Never heard of it and if it there is, it's very new. I judge cat shows and have never heard of a Cabbit. If you find out any other info., please post.
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I think its just a anime thing.

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When in doubt Messybeasts always seems to know

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It is just an urban legend/myth.

There is no such thing as a "Cabbit". Rabbits and cats are of fferent species and cannot interbreed.

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