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Macy's Missing teeth

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Hi all,

When I got in from work tonight my cat, Macy (3 yrs old) seemed to be having a problem with her mouth. She was continually moving her jaw with a 'clicking' sound.

We have just tried to have a look in her mouth and it looks like she has lost a lot of teeth but only from the top. We are unsure because we have never looked closely into her mouth, but there doesn't appear to be any damage to her gums of bleeding.

We have checked her over and there are no other signs of injury and she is eating fine and showing no other signs of a problem.

We would be happy to hear any comments anyone might have about this, especially if it might need medical attention.

Ceri & Steve
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Sounds like she had one or more loose teeth, which she lost. Do you have her teeth cleaned annually? Sounds like a checkup at the vet and a conversation there about her teeth would be a good idea. I use a liquid which you add to drinking water (1 tsp. per 8 oz. of drinking water) that is supposed to be benefical to cats' teeth and gums, but cats DO need their teeth cleaned, just like we do.
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Honestly, I would call the vet and take her in ASAP. Something is not right and she needs to be looked at! Please keep us posted!
And welcome to TCS! I am sure that many folks will offer good advice!
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